BURN Coach: Hayley Reissfelder

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What’s your advice for people looking to get back into a regular fitness/health routine this Fall?

Start slow and find something you enjoy. Health and fitness isn’t an all or nothing game – start by making small, incremental changes to your diet and lifestyle such as drinking more water, eating at home, or hitting a step goal each day. Then, find movement you enjoy whether it be jogging, yoga, or group fitness classes and get out there and do it! Finding a routine = finding a balance that works for your lifestyle + activity and meals you enjoy. 

What’s your favorite part about your class?

I love watching members really give it their all during a class. Everyone at Burn takes great pride in creating safe, fun, but challenging workouts. It’s an awesome feeling to watch someone leave class feeling inspired after completing something they thought they couldn’t do.

What would be your best advice to those who have never tried a HIIT class at BURN?

For anyone who’s never tried a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class, like the Tabata BURN classes taught at Burn Fitness Studio, my best advice would be to show up and (as I like to say in my classes) do what you can. We all get too stuck in our own head when it comes to trying something new. You don’t have to be perfect or even good at it – the most important part of fitness, in general, is just getting out there and doing it. If nothing else, be comforted by the fact that everyone who takes our HITT-style classes say that “it goes by so fast!”

Do you regularly switch up your workout routine?

Definitely! I’m someone who gets bored easily so I do a mix of different workouts and like to change it up each week. A typical week could include everything from running and boxing to weight lifting and group fitness classes. It’s important to remember that your body is designed to adapt to your lifestyle. It’s important to change your routine often either by going faster, longer, heavier, or trying a new style of training completely to ensure your body doesn’t get too good at your workout routine and plateau.

What’s the most rewarding part of working out for you?

I love fitness because it makes me a better person in all other areas of my life. Challenging myself in the gym has given me the confidence to try, fail, and succeed in all other areas of life. It’s taught me what I am capable of physically, mentally, and has made me a stronger employee and friend to all. There’s NOTHING more rewarding to me than self-love and confidence. Those endorphins – they’re no joke! 

-BURN Coach: Hayley Reissfelder

Advice from BURN Coach: Kayla Galvin


What’s your advice for people looking to get back into a regular fitness/health routine this Fall? 

Start with exercises that you really enjoy. If you don’t know what exercises you actually like, try a variety of classes until something resonates with you. You will be so much more likely to maintain your routine if you enjoy what you are doing. Otherwise, it will feel more like an obligation and you will likely fall off course.

 What’s your favorite part about your class? 

The period before and after class starts when I get a chance to chat with students and connect with them on a more personal level. I think that as a teacher, this is the most effective way to gain your students’ trust and really learn about what their goals and expectations are. I’m also a people person so I thoroughly enjoy having different conversations with new people.

What would be your best advice to those who have never tried a yoga class at BURN? 

Don’t worry about not being flexible enough for yoga. Being flexible is not a prerequisite for yoga, but your flexibility will definitely improve if you continue to practice.

Do you regularly switch up your workout routine? 

All of the time. My favorite types of workouts are running and yoga so that is what I do most often. However, I try to incorporate spin and metabolic conditioning type workouts into my routine as well. Changing it up prevents me from getting bored or feeling burnt out. It’s also important to change it up every once in a while so that your body doesn’t get too used to your routine. When your body becomes too efficient doing a certain routine it becomes harder to burn calories.

What’s the most rewarding part of working out for you? 

Nothing improves my mood or energizes me more than a great workout (endorphins are no joke)! Running and yoga also allow me to observe my thoughts from an impartial viewpoint. I’m able to recognize which thoughts are unhealthy or no longer serving me, and make a conscious decision to alter my thoughts. Throwing out these “junk thoughts” also improves my mood and just gives me a general sense of ease and contentment.


– BURN Coach: Kayla Galvin

Meet Chris Crowthers: Founding Instructor at Brrrn!

What’s your advice for people looking to get back into a regular fitness/health routine this Fall?
I think the best way to get back into a regular fitness routine this season is to PLAN!  Fail to plan = plan to fail.  Book your classes, workouts, trainings, etc. and PUT THEM ON YOUR CALENDAR.  If you’re not sure where to start, start with workouts that you like to do and make you feel good.  Once you’ve gotten back into the swing of things, try spicing it up a bit with something new.
Having a workout buddy OR even an accountability buddy helps, too!
Same thing goes for nutrition.  Do some meal prep when you have time.  Chop up some veggies for salads for the week, or roast some veggies and chicken.  Having things ready to go in your fridge will mean you’re less likely to eat out or order in.
What’s your favorite part about your class?
All of our classes at Brrrn are unique because we’re the world’s first cool temperature fitness experience – we work out in 50º!  Our SLIDE and HIT + SLIDE classes both incorporate slide boards which are GREAT for lateral movements.  In most workouts, we really only move forward and backwards (think walking and running, spinning, etc.), but the slide boards get you moving side to side working a lot muscles that you may not even know you have.
When it comes to my classes in particular, music is a driving force.  I find music to be really inspiring, so I take a lot of time to carefully craft my playlists (every Wednesday I do Woman Crush Wednesday where I feature a different female artist or female artists that all have something that ties them together).  You know at the end of a workout where you’re starting to feel a little tired and then THAT song comes on and you get the boost you need to finish strong?  I try to do that with every playlist.
Most important thing is FUN.  You’re not gonna do it and continue to do it unless it’s fun and working out should be fun!  I say this a lot in my class, but working out should feel like a celebration of all the amazing things our bodies are capable of doing AND the fact that we CAN be doing the things we’re doing in a class.  Working out is NOT a punishment for something you may have done the day before or over the weekend, like indulged a bit too much.
What would be your best advice to those who have never tried a class at BRRRN?
Don’t let the 50º temperature scare you.  50º is cool, NOT cold and within the first 10 minutes or so, your body adjusts and warms up and the room actually feels GREAT!  How many times at the end of a class where the temperature is in the upper 60’s – low 70’s are feeling run down and like you couldn’t possibly do one more burpees or push up or squat?  Good news!  At Brrrn, that’s kind of eliminated and you’re able to work out harder for longer.
A lot of first timers are nervous about the slide boards, I was too!  But I’d say just about every person I’ve ever had in a SLIDE class looks like they’re ready for the Winter Olympics by the end of class.  Stepping outside your comfort zone is a challenge, I get it, but challenge creates change and isn’t that why we workout out, to make some sort of change?
Do you regularly switch up your workout routine?
Yes and no.  LOL.  It’s funny, I was having this conversation the other day with some colleagues.  To really create some significant change and get better at something, you have to keep doing the same thing.  For instance, if you’re trying get bigger arms, you gotta keep working on your arms.  Pretty obvious, right?
I have a trainer that writes programs for me mainly for the accountability.  I could absolutely program my workouts for myself, but I’ve found that I’m less likely to do them.  Most of workouts consist of lifting weights, some ab/core work and then a metabolic finisher.  That being said, I like moving my body in as many ways as I possible can. Strength training can sometimes feel confining or restrictive or contracted but it’s so useful.  However, I spent a lot of my life dancing, which can feel elongating and expansive.  I also REALLY like a group fitness class.  There’s something about community and working out alongside others that really fuels me.
I typically lift weights 4 times a week and then I’ll get in one or two other workouts during the week that I do because they’re fun – ride my bike or take a spin class, yoga, dance, boxing.  Spice Girls said it based “spice up your life!”
What’s the most rewarding part of working out for you?
Having a “WHY” is super important for many aspects in our lives.  For me, my WHY for working out is actually for my older self.  I want to make sure I’m taking the best care of myself NOW so that in 25-40 years I’m able to get up and down without any pain and feel strong and healthy.  So to answer the question, my reward is in the future but I feel rewarded after every workout knowing that I’m working towards that WHY.
– Chris Crowthers
  Founding Instructor at Brrrn

Why Practice Yoga?


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The simple answer is that yoga makes you feel better. Practicing the postures, breathing exercises and meditation makes you healthier in body, mind and spirit. Yoga lets you tune in, chill out, shape up — all at the same time. 

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Spring Cleaning Organization Tips

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Items I suggest when organizing a closet on a budget:

  • Uniform hangers. Wire hangers are the worst for your clothes.  Purchasing uniform hangers not only looks pleasing to the eye but helps your clothes last longer.
  • Hooks-  A great recourse to hang everyday items like totes, scarves or even a place to hang the outfit you plan to wear the next day.
  • Shelf dividers. This helpful solution keeps the pile of clothes you have folded on a closet shelf from forming one large mess.
  • Clear bins- There are always items in a closet needing to be stored. Using clear bins helps remind you what is inside so nothing is forgotten.
  • Shoe rack. You can use a traditional shoe rack on the bottom of your closet or a shoe solution on the back of your door. No matter what, implementing something for your shoes is a must so they don’t form one large cluster on your closet floor.  
  • Labels. Creating labels in your closet ensures you know where to find an item/category and more importantly where to put it back. You can create them with  tape and sharpie, a label maker or using mail labels and a pen.


tricks/tips for maintaining an organized closet

  • Remember to be realistic when organizing your closet. If you know you won’t able able to maintain color coding, don’t do it. Set up systems that feel realistic with your lifestyle and personality so keeping it tidy feels natural not daunting. Add hooks if you tend to drape your clothes or label shelves if someone else in your household puts the laundry away.


Keep in mind:

  • There are always going to be busy periods and setbacks, but if you’ve set up systems and set aside time to organize, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your house bounces back.  Just remember to always take a deep breath and know the mess is not representative of who you are, or that you have failed in some way. It’s just temporary.


Tips for organizing your pantry:

  • Categories will be your best friend when organizing your pantry. Put snacks, breakfast and grains categorically together. This will help when needing to know what to replenish, which saves you money!
  • Have your spices in your pantry? Put any spices you use the most front and center and rarely used spices in the back.
  • Think about what you and your family eat the most. If you tend to eat a lot of breakfast, put that on the most accessible shelf. Whatever you use the least should be on the highest shelf.
  • Does your pantry only have shelves? Consider installing pull out drawers. You can purchase from IKEA or Amazon inexpensively. Having pull out drawers helps to see everything you have so nothing gets lots in the back.
  • When using bins or containers in your pantry, go for clear. Being able to see what you have and when it gets low is a good reminder that it’s time to restock.
  • Lazy susans are perfect for pantry organization. You can place items you use often making it easy to access and find quickly.


Other random tips:

Wax Paper

  • Have issues sliding your hangers on the rod in your closet? Take a sheet of wax paper and run it across the rod. Clothes will slide with ease.


Shower Hooks for Jeans

  • To free up shelf space and ensure you no longer have to play the jean-Jenga-game, use shower curtain hooks wide enough to fit on your closet rod and hang your jeans from their belt loops. Using hooks allows your jeans to hang without taking up a lot of space and will also air your jeans out, between washes!


Shoes Face in Opposite Directions

  • Save space by placing shoes in opposite directions, you’ll be able to see one shoe from the front and one shoe from the back. Placing shoes this way ends up saving you a few inches of space, which means fitting in more shoes.


Shoe boxes for Tupperware Lids

  • Reuse shoe boxes to keep your kitchen tidy. Collect and organize all of your tupperware lids and place inside a shoe box to keep separate and avoid a mess of lids and bins. Use the lid of shoe boxes to help unruly catch all drawers become tiddy by keeping pens, lighters and post-its all in one container.


Sorted by Anna is professional organizing and decluttering company. With home, business, moving and virtual services, we help set up long term space-saving solutions that fit each busy lifestyle and personality. Packing and unpacking, decluttering, simplifying and room redesign consultations. Sorted by Anna helps clients achieve order, function and efficiency so they can truly love their space again!

Spring CleaRing – Clear Clutter in a Flash

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“Can it be that even as one grows to fit the space one lives in, one cannot grow until there’s space to grow?”
–Rita Dove

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Spring Clean Your Relationship to Food

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So often we think about food as either “good or bad” and our actions fall into those categories as well. I like to routinely (maybe once a season) make sure I clean that out and start over, thinking to myself “what feels most nourishing right now?” When we come from a place of love and nourishment, it gets rid of all that outer noise that media and diet culture fills our heads with and allows us to tap into our true needs. When it comes to nourishment, it could be food, or it could be joy, connection, relaxation, stimulation etc. When we think of food as just one way to nourish ourselves instead of the way, we see it in a holistic picture and start to understand what we are truly hungry for.

Keep reading for some ways to tap into your inner guide:

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