Euphebe Challenge: Meet HealthKick Ambassador Allison Field

Eat well, look great, and feel better. So easy, right?

Except when you’re at your office and there are free snacks, or someone brings in some goodies that everyone goes for (you know you have to have one!). Or when you go out for lunch and you don’t get the healthiest thing on the menu.

Even worse, your colleagues and friends go out for the occasional (or frequent), happy hour. Yep, a couple of drinks here, a couple of drinks there, and then all of a sudden it’s like …

So yea, everyone wants to eat well, look great, and feel better. But let’s face it, we’re all addicted to crappy food. HealthKick partner, Euphebe, a plant based meal program and coaching company, wants to change that with their mission to “Change the way America Eats.”

This month, three HealthKick ambassadors took the challenge to cut the crap and focus on eating clean, plant based foods by committing to a week of the Euphebe program.

The goal? You guessed it. Eat well, look great, and feel better.

So, how did they fare?  Let’s take a glimpse into some of HealthKick ambassadors’ favorite ways to stay healthy and their experience with the Euphebe Challenge.

Meet HealthKick Ambassador Allison Field from NBC Universal:

Allison Field

What were your eating habits before/during/ and after the Euphebe Challenge? 

I never set a restrictive diet for myself, but always try to eat as clean as possible. During the Euphebe Challenge I felt so energized and realized that cutting meat from my diet and focusing on plant based protein works really well for my body. The challenge inspired me to listen to what my body wants and I now find myself eating a vegetarian diet consistently.

What’s the hardest part of eating healthy for you? The easiest? 

The hardest part of eating healthy for me is getting access to fresh produce. As a New Yorker, I am always on the go and convenient quick lunches are not always as green as I would like them to be. The easiest part of eating well is knowing how good I feel when I stick to the right portions and a balanced plate!

When do you fit workouts into your schedule and what’s your favorite type of workout?

I like to stay very active! I am currently completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I workout every other day to give my body time to rest and switch between cardio and strength. Yoga is absolutely my favorite way to get the energy and blood flowing in my body. I am also an avid hiker!

Are there any other HealthKick brands that have helped you stay on track?’

HealthKick offers such a variety of different classes and studios to choose from. I learned to take the fear out of my workouts and group fitness classes. If I love one class, I will attend another. If I don’t, there is no pressure to continue it as my workout!

Which other HealthKick brands are your favorite? 

I love Zog Sports and had an absolute blast on a kickball team! It is a great way to meet new people and stay active. Why meet someone for a drink after work when you could go play a fun game of kickball?!

Follow Allison on Instagram at @sunfieldwellness.

This post was written for HealthKick by Andrew Kobylarz who can be found at his desk at the Desk Job Life.

Healthy Habits This Fall

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 7.36.32 PM

Four Partners on The Most Important Healthy Habits This Fall

When pumpkin spiced latte cravings have us treating ourselves before 9am and fall TV favorites make it easy to second guess evening runs, we know fall’s cozy creature comforts are here to snuggle us into submission. As important as it is to enjoy a seasonal treat and a break from routine, staying committed to healthy habits through the season is key to feeling our best all fall long. For us, that means wellness challenges for a touch of competition and staying inspired by healthy friends. This way, we feel empowered to balance yoga dates, the occasional grande maple latte, and an evening of Outlander and a bowl of gluten-free pasta.

While we love a good healthy habit challenge (see our recent Euphebe challenge), we wanted to know what our healthy partners do to maintain their own healthy habits during the fall season. Here are the favorite healthy habits, ways to motivate and worth-it indulgences from some of our most inspiring partners.

Diana Mitrea, VP of Brand Marketing, NEO Fifth

Healthy Habits

I have a few healthy habits I maintain through fall. I try to workout at least once per day during the workweek, then take yoga on Saturday and rest on Sunday. I also really, really, REALLY try to get as much sleep as possible. If I find myself playing on my phone or watching TV at night, I shut that down as quickly as possible and trade it in for some quality sleep. I’m better off sleeping for an hour than watching TV for an hour. I also pack my lunch. This requires some planning and preparation, so it can be tough to accomplish every day, but I always find that on the days I pack lunch that my whole day feels better, healthier and more accomplished.

How do you do it?

How do I stick to my routine in the fall? It’s a routine! It’s easy to stick to a routine if it’s become routine. These things are embedded in me for every season so no matter what I make sure these things get done. The tough part is when people try and adopt a new habit. They say you have to do something for 100 days before it becomes a habit – so you might as well start now!


My favorite fall indulgences are hot teas. LOVE a good hot drink in the evening before headed to bed.

Nadja Pinnavaia, Founder, Euphebe

Healthy Habits

I avoid sugar and refined grains whenever I can. For breakfast I have a slice of Ezekiel toast topped with 1/4 avocado, a handful of baby spinach leaves and sometimes an egg. For lunch, I will often have a Euphebe meal which can be anything from a hearty soup with seed crackers to a Hippie Brunch Burrito (with whole grain tortilla, of course!). If I am eating out, I’ll pop down to Le Pain Quotidien and have one of their vegetarian soups (I like the lentil soup) or sometimes the avocado sandwich on seed bread. I’ve also cut out weekday drinking unless it’s a special occasion.

How do you do it?

I find fall actually easier than summer as there is less rose calling my name. I am pretty consistent in my eating habits which is why fall isn’t that different to other months and easier than summer! I find scheduling is important. If I schedule a run or a gym class, or a 20 min meditation in my calendar, I am more likely to stick to it. What motivates me is how I feel. If I have a series of dinners out, and I’m not able to eat exactly as I want, I feel gross. So I naturally want to go “back on my wagon.” The tightness of my jeans is also a good reminder of when I need to rein it in a little!


Sharing a full-bodied bottle of Barolo

Erika Zauner, CEO at HealthKick

Healthy Habits

Getting in an a.m. workout, even if it’s just 30 minutes, helps me start the day energized and with a clear head. It also keeps me powered through the day from meetings to after work events. It can be tempting to hit snooze a few extra times instead, but it’s so worth it once you realize how much more productive and alert you feel all day long. I also learned from Donna Sonkin the importance of eating seasonally both for the freshest produce but also to provide your body the nourishment it needs at that time of year. Roasted root veggies are a hearty fave of mine or cutting up apples and butternut squash, sprinkling with cinnamon and baking them in the oven. It tastes indulgent but is also super healthy!

How do you do it?

I listen to my body! It helps me stay on track from everything from food to fitness. How I feel each day determines whether I find myself at Barry’s or something gentler like hot yoga at Modo. I always try to stay in touch with my energy and what I need that day physically and mentally.


Sleep! I have a bad habit of staying up later than I should sending emails or unwinding after a long day, but when it gets dark earlier, it’s extra incentive to get into bed a little earlier, too. One of the health coaches we work with at HealthKick, Beth Lipton, taught me about developing a bedtime routine – three things you do every night to prepare for sleep: making tea, reading and listening to music. It helps me ease into going to bed, so I’m actually ready to sleep once I get into bed without my mind racing about my to-do list tomorrow.

Jillian Tuchman, Head of Nutrition, Care/of

Healthy Habits

I prioritize human connection and make sure to see at least one friend in person or speak to one on the phone each day. The importance of connection, community, and belonging cannot be overstated when it comes to my overall health and feeling good. I am also consistent about taking supplements, and rotate between a whole bunch of herbal tinctures, tonics, and teas. My Care/of daily packs include zinc, a probiotic blend, CoQ10, vitamin D, vitamin C, B complex, and magnesium, and try hard not to skip any. After years of dedicated meditation practice, I learned to accept my emotions for what they are and feel so much better for it.

How do you do it?

I try to walk a lot throughout the day — I’ll go on walks with friends and suggest walking meetings — even if I’m too busy to go to the gym, my fitness routine doesn’t suffer too much. The weather is great in the fall, so I love to get fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D!) at a park or on a hike. I try to remember all the fun events I have planned and that I need to feel my best to enjoy them!


I’m a sucker for warm spiced cider and mulled wine — both are pure sugar and things I usually avoid, but once or twice every fall, I go for it. I also really love the smell of pine and fir trees — it pretty much smells like a forest in my apartment all the time — and fall is when I go into overdrive on that. I buy a ton of pine and fir scented candles and incense.


The Whys and Hows of Summer Hydration


Water is literally key to our survival, regardless of whether you’re a marathoner or you’re taking a ‘break from the gym’. Humans can exist around 60 days with no food, but only seven with no water. Oh, and we’re also made up of 55% water as grownups.* And when hard workouts, or even just festival season and boozy long weekend escapes crop up, we’re reminded just how reliant we are on old-fashioned H20 to feel energized and, you know, alive. To kick off a Summer Hydration Challenge we’re co-hosting with new partner and healthy behavior change organization the Foodstand, we wanted to share hydration facts and tips, and dispel a myth or two (keep an eye on your inbox for the official invite! OR if your company is interested in joining, email us at!).

Fact: our favorite summer activities dehydrate us. At happy hour, each drink with coworkers strips the body of electrolytes and acts as a diuretic. It can also impact sleep and muscle fatigue if you’re planning on working out the next day. It’s a safe rule of thumb to drink one glass of water for each glass of booze to prevent dehydration. And if you’re heading to the mountains for brews and barbecues, you lose water more quickly at elevation because humidity is lower. According to the Wilderness Medical Society, water loss at elevation occurs twice as fast as it does at sea level. Bottom line, whether on a rooftop or mountaintop, keep that water bottle full all month long to feel your best. And may we recommend one from KOR Water for BPS-free, self- filtering and sleek-looking goodness? (Or you can win one in our August Hydration Challenge!) 

On the flipside, there are some things that have been pinned to hydration that are a little more than iffy. According to a story we found in Women’s Health, there’s only been one clinical study on water’s impact on skin appearance. While there is a chance that it does indeed help plump up skin, the sure thing more likely comes in a jar, or is genetic. If you’re after a glowy, billboard-worthy complexion, some of our favorite ways to hydrate ourselves from tip to toe can be sourced from Radice Apothecary or Yuni Beauty.

No matter what your plans this summer, chances are you’ll be spending at least some of this season at your desk, juggling deadlines or closing deals, and completing awesome projects. It’s easy to rely on the office coffee pot to power the way to crushing work goals, which can be temporarily effective but tough on the body. Rachna Govani, Foodstand’s CEO and co-founder, suggests, ‘swapping coffee for green tea after 12pm—it has much less caffeine, so you’ll get an energy boost without the shakes, or the crash from sugary energy drinks, which can kill productivity. Green tea also has L-theanine, which is beneficial for improving performance on cognitively demanding tasks.’ Or drink up that electrolyte filled coconut water. One of our favorite brands, Harmless Harvest, even has coffee coconut water and a probiotic version – can we say double dip?!

The benefits of switching to water, or water-based and unsweetened beverages, don’t stop at the office. The health benefits of hydration range from optimizing physical performance to healthy weight maintenance. Or to ensuring that happy hour doesn’t make for an unhappy morning after. Overall, we feel being properly hydrated is an important habit for long term health, and is our personal favorite way to stay happy and healthy all summer long. To encourage our HealthKick community to join us on the water-chugging bandwagon, we’re partnering with the Foodstand, KOR Water and Harmless Harvest on a seven-day hydration challenge. Email us at to get your company entered!


Healthy, Happy Summer Fridays


We look forward to Summer Fridays all year long. Rooftop happy hours? YES. Afternoon picnics in the park? We’re pros at packing that basket. Wanderlust Squaw for the ultimate wellness retreat? We anticipate the lineup drop like it’s Coachella. There’s just something that feels so good about cutting out from work early on days when the sun is up until 9 to do whatever makes you feel your best. From happy hours to weekend retreats to spontaneous picnics, we’ve got some healthy tips for a Summer Friday that’s just your speed.

Happy Hour

Few things give us as much of a thrill as 3:59pm rooftop tipples on a Friday. No inbox, no problem. As satisfying as reaching for a (lightly sweetened) margarita instead of a conference call is, it’s easy to get wrapped up in bopping from bar to bar and forgetting to make time for a healthful meal. Ending up face first in a deep dish delivery at the end of the night probably won’t make for the best Saturday morning.

To safeguard against any alcohol-driven dining decisions, we like to prepare a healthy dinner in advance. If you enjoy meal prep, order up a new dinner kit from Good Eggs in the SF Bay Area or a one from HelloFresh for prepping on Thursday night. Or try an already prepared meal from Munchery. As long as you’re getting enough nutrients via a healthy meal post-happy hour, we say live a little and order a pitcher.

Long Weekend Retreat

The first thing we pack is water-water-water. Whether you’re trekking in the mountains or soaking up rays on the beach (possibly with an adult beverage in hand), it’s easy to forget to hydrate. Keep that S’Well bottle full! Healthy and portable meals and snacks are another handy way to keep that Summer Friday spirit even when stuck in traffic. Juice from Project Juice and a few bars from Rx Bars are easy go-tos.

And last but not least – remember your gear. Layers on top are key for extra sun protection when setting off on an outdoor adventure or when you’re out splashing in the waves. For some stylish technical gear, check out RARR stylish activewear for guys and for the ladies, SHAPE activewear and LOLE.

Hanging with your Family

Spending a long family weekend watching parent-friendly television and diving into comfort food provides a valuable form of mental nourishment. But before you become one with the couch, try to get moving a bit to add a new healthful element to the mix. Take your ‘rents out on a sunset walk, or if you need some alone time plug into a meditation session from Headspace for a meditative solo stroll. Either way, family time is a great excuse to indulge in some restorative self care. Try a long bath using natural salts and oils from Thrive Market, or a DIY mani using Sunday Studio’s 10-free polish.

Picnic in the Park

Whether your park of choice is Dolores, Battery, Central or McCarren, few things beat a lazy Friday sunbathing session with friends. Stash your picnic basket (Juja’s roomy post-yoga bags are perfect alternatives) with SPF, perhaps from Beautycounter, a hat and nutrition-dense snacks like hummus with veggies, raw nuts and seasonal fruits like peaches and blueberries. Oh, did we forget the booze? Try whipping up some low sugar batch cocktails at home using herbs from Good Eggs and natural sweeteners and juices from Thrive Market. Package it into a SANS bottle or even used wine bottle and pour over ice once you’re settled.

Fit Friday

Summer Fridays don’t have to be allll about the booze or making a city escape. We tend to like our long weekend staycations with touch of balance: an extra workout AND an extra glass of rose. In New York, one of our favorite ways to do this is to head to Flex Studios for Rose Giveaway Thursdays. Post-class rose is served alongside special weekly giveaways that feature goodies like gear from Sweaty Betty or Outdoor Voices. Or if you want to get your early dismissal on Friday afternoon off on the right foot, why not hit up a 4:15pm Mile High Run Club class en route to those rooftop cocktails? Once we’ve worked up a good sweat, the rest of our long weekend feels that much sweeter.


Traveling Healthfully this Summer


Whether you’re roadtripping it or jetting to an exotic location this summer, balancing sleeping in with daily exercise and poolside cocktails with staying hydrated and healthy can be TOUGH. But, with just a few small tweaks to travel habits and minimal prep work, you can keep your energy levels on the up and up while having a blast somewhere new. BONUS: you’ll actually come back rested and refreshed instead of feeling like you need another vacation or a week long detox.

Here are some tips we live by at HealthKick to balance summer decadence with a healthy kick!

Pack an Expertly Planned Carry-on

As soon as you cruise through security, all you’ve got between departure and your destination is your carry-on gear. Landing hydrated, relatively rested, and with a happy tummy starts your trip on the right foot. Starting with hydration, we like to pack a glass or non-plastic bottle in our pack – especially a smart one like Bellabeat’s new Spring bottle that measures hydration levels.

Counteract the moisture zap of dry airplane air with a generous coat of Beautycounter’s Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion. On a longer haul? Yuni’s full travel set includes No Rinse Body Foam so you’ll feel squeaky clean even with no shower for miles.

Stocking clean protein bars before departure can be the ticket to beating bloat inducing boxed meals on an airplane or sodium packed roadside food. A few of HealthKick‘s top picks? Protein bars from RXBAR, all natural and delicious meal replacement powder from Mele, organic nuts from NatureBox and ALOHA’s Superfoods Greens powder are some of our go-tos. If healthy snacks aren’t enough to make you forget you’re cramped in an upright position for hours, try meditation app Headspace to help you zen out until landing.

Remember to Sweat

It’s so to easy to get swept up by late night meals, late-r night drinks and extra shots of caffeine to beat jet lag into submission. But by researching and booking workouts that speak to you before you leave, or downloading hotel room-friendly fitness apps, you can manage energy levels the natural way, without the 3pm crash.

Best way to see a new city? Rent a bike or go for a run! Check out the sites and get a lay of the land without the tour bus. And by using apps like Aaptiv, you can get extra motivation for your hotel gym workout (especially that dreaded treadmill run). Or with FORTE, you can still get in your favorite live streamed classes from exhale or Flex Studios. Committing to one hour of movement will help you sleep better, and your muscles will thank you when you bounce back into your workout routine back home.

Pamper Yourself

After the hustle-bustle of a long travel day, let the anxiety go and get into true vacation mode by treating yourself to a pre-dinner massage at your hotel’s spa, or with an on-demand service like Zeel to loosen grumpy muscles cramped by miniature coach seats (or inter-terminal sprinting!). One during a trip is key, two is a well-deserved luxury. Double the relaxation punch with a 20 minute sweat session in a steaming bath or sauna.

Book your Restaurant Reservations

Trying all of a new destination’s cuisine ranks high on our list of travel musts, but while its easy to get swept up in a diet of croissants and carbonara while vacationing, doing a pre-trip OpenTable investigation can help you find restaurants that offer a combination of local specialties and healthy options. Or take this tip from Miguel Vargas, Training & Development Manager at TRX Training Center, “When I’m in a new city I love to ‘try the good stuff,’ so I have to plan accordingly. If I’m going to go out to dinner, I’ll make sure I stick to my ‘boring stuff’ like oatmeal, chia or hemp seeds, eggs, and other foods I eat early in the day, and try to sneak in an extra workout before or after so that meal doesn’t stick with me for too long! I don’t want to be the guy that ‘can’t eat that,’ instead I want to enjoy what’s around me, and then get back to my routine to keep things in order.”

Be Easy on Yourself

As much as we emphasize the importance of self-care, denying yourself some of the pleasures that come with time away undoes the good stuff. Don’t be hard on yourself. Have an extra glass of wine, split a dessert with a friend or partner, have a bowl of pasta. You’re on vacation after all, so go for the Champagne AND the chocolate mousse, and work it off on a morning hike, beach run or exploring a new part of the city.

And, if you splurge a little too much, don’t fret. Have a Project Juice cleanse or healthy groceries from Good Eggs or Our Harvest delivered straight to your door when you’re back. You can even book a personal trainer with FindYourTrainer on your return to get you back into fighting shape.

Now, go HAVE FUN!!


From Yogi to Foodie, Mother’s Day Gifts for the Women in Your Life

meddy teddy mothers day

Once you’ve booked brunch, ordered flowers and selected the perfect letter-pressed card, read on for our recommendations for HealthKick-approved Mothers Day gifts worthy of the important mamas in your life. Inspired by our partners, we’ve gathered the best in ‘she wouldn’t get it for herself’ even though she deserves it for moms ranging from wellness-curious to gastronome to super fit. Check out our favorites below, and feel free to let us know what you think on Instagram @my_healthkick and tag us in any healthy gifts you’re giving this Sunday.

Yogi Mom

Moms of all sizes can use a wardrobe sprucing up with SHAPE activewear’s colorful styles that range in not only sizes (from 2 to 3x) but in coverage. Or perhaps a membership to CorePower for sweaty Vinyasa or yoga/strength fusion classes, with studios located throughout the US. You have until May 10 to enter our sweepstakes to win a $150 gift card to SHAPE + a free month membership to CorePower in NY or SF. Enter here now. And whether she is a beginner yogi or a 500 RYT instructor, there is always room in her yoga bag for Beautycounter’s refreshing rose facial toner (she will use it daily!) or Yuni’s Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel (to cool off those hamstrings). Or gift her the cutest, most bendy teddy out there, Meddy Teddy, pictured above.

Gastronome Mom

A Thrive Market membership is an easy go to for culinarily inclined moms who like the quality of non-perishables at Whole Foods but prefer Trader Joe’s pricing. For fresh produce, meats and packaged foods, Our Harvest in New York is a digitally enabled farmer’s market (surprise her with a week’s worth of local, organic goods!) or Farm Fresh to You in SF offers a CSA program that you can gift for an entire season of local veggies. If you want to give her a head start on meals for a week, a month, or longer – try gifting a membership to HelloFresh for semi-prepped healthy meals.

Buff Boss Mom

If the mama in your life can out-run, out-lift and out-nutrition you, maybe you can show her how much her example inspires you with a class pack to next-level barre studio Physique 57 in New York or Los Angeles. For the month of May, you can do Physique LIVE! classes for $15 with top instructors in the NY studios. Or if she’s more of a cardio queen, may we suggest a class pack at Mile High Run Club for our favorite treadmill classes in New York? If you’re gifting for someone who lives outside of coastal wellness meccas, chances are there is an Orangetheory studio not too far – a workout that fits cardio and strength into 60 sweaty minutes. If you’re really trying to impress her, and are NY-based, why not take her out for an AKT in Motion class, started by fit momma Anna Kaiser, followed by healthy brunch? And here’s the ultimate gift – a full afternoon to herself with the help of on-demand babysitting services, HelloSitter. Hello to mom’s day, indeed!

Trendsetting Mom

For clever moms who are as plugged into the latest lifestyle trends as well as Ms. Stewart or Ms. Winfrey,  why not put together a package gift that combines it all? If she’s a New Yorker, get her a class pack to low-impact in-water cycling studio Aqua, paired with some meditation classes at Inscape and wherever she lives, pick up some clean, herbal-infused beauty goodies from Radice Apothecary or vitamin-infused Palladio Beauty.


Whether your mom has her masseuse on speed-dial or hasn’t had a massage since iPhone 1, an in-home massage from Zeel is a nice splurge she might not spring for on herself. Or if she’s more of the spa-day getaway type, set her up with a (non-toxic and vegan) manicure at Dear Sundays and facial at Skin Spa in New York or a treatment at exhale spa, where she can luxuriate pre- or post-treatment in the sauna and steam. If a spa week is more along the lines of what you’re thinking – go big and spring for an excursion via Escape to Shape, purveyor of fitness-themed excursions to destinations from Bali to Cuba.


Spring Shape Up: New Activewear, New Workout Routine, New YOU


Spring Cleaning

April showers and the tease of warmer weather days can only mean one thing…spring is in full swing! With summer just around the corner, we’re in spring cleaning mode. At HealthKick, “spring cleaning” doesn’t stop at your closet. Wardrobe, bathroom, skin, digestion, no stone left unturned. Not sure where to start?  We’ve got you covered with some tips to kick your spring cleaning into high gear- what we hope will become an annual ritual to lay the groundwork for the sunniest seasons of the year: body, mind, spirit.

And to kick that off, we’ve partnered with SHAPE activewear and CorePower Yoga to bring you a full reset for Summer! Enter our contest to win a $150 gift card to SHAPE activewear and a free month of unlimited membership to CorePower Yoga (in NYC + SF). Enter HERE before May 10.

Further, we wanted to share some ideas for an advanced spring clean – what we hope will become an annual ritual to lay the groundwork for the sunniest seasons of the year: body, mind, spirit.

Your Space

We like to say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but what’s outside counts, too – like the dust under your nightstand or the centuries-old bag of frozen mixed berries from Costco in your fridge. Dust, spray, wipe, toss and shine up your space. If you need a helping hand, our partner Spruce & Co can help you start by cleaning off that germ-y phone.

Your Mind

Clearing your home, your gear and your routines will give a sense of clarity on its own. But why not take those clear vibes and direct them with guided meditations from programs like Mindfresh TV, apps like Headspace or a ‘Deep Rest’ class at a studio like Inscape to help reduce stress and re-energize. Don’t forget that HealthKick members get special rates at these partners.

Spa Night

Need help getting rid of all of last year’s samples? Use the last bits of sample scrubs, serums, face masks and scrape the bottom of that body butter or hair product jar to treat yourself to  a DIY spa night while de-cluttering your bathroom cabinet. Pair it with some antioxidants (aka a glass of your favorite red) and show yourself some love after a long week.

Wardrobe Refresh

You know those stretched out yoga pants and lucky (now smelly) t-shirt from that marathon you ran five years ago? Out with the old and in with the new. Time for a workout wardrobe refresh. Enter our Spring sweepstakes to win $150 credit to SHAPE activewear. Or use your exclusive HealthKick rate at Rhone for quick-drying, odor fighting men’s activewear. 

Ditch the Old Meds and Vitamins

That ancient Advil-mini will be no good in your carry-on next time your head starts throbbing from flight delays or chatty seatmates. Ditto that bottle of Melatonin that’s so past its prime its expiration date has disappeared. Toss and re-up on meds like ibuprofen and allergy meds, and don’t forget key vitamins like the daily pack from Care/Of and WellPath.

Streamline your Grooming Routine

Combine what you need/use/love and ditch the rest. Ladies, this means colors that aren’t exactly right, mascaras that were pricey but are now cakey, paraben-filled gifts you haven’t touched – all gone. Gents, gel has no place in 2017 – it belongs with the aftershave from your old flame – in the bin. Once you’ve streamlined and taken stock, replace only the essentials with good-for-you products from brands like Beautycounter or Tulip online or Cap Beauty.

Sweat it Out

It’s all about that cell turnover. If it’s not already a part of your weekly wellness practice, dive into a hot yoga class at CorePower Yoga by entering our sweepstakes for some sweaty Vinyasa. If yoga isn’t your thing, try other sweaty practices like indoor cycling at Peloton or even a simple sauna. However you can get your skin to work harder to pump blood to its surface, you are getting out with the old and in with the new.

Clean up Your Guts

Shelve the comfort food and hit the refresh button on your diet, so you can enter summer feeling lighter and brighter (yes, your skin will be glowing!)  Stock up on farmer markets’ freshest from OurHarvest and Good Eggs or go a bit deeper for a period of time that feels good to you to welcome the spring season with a gentle cleanse. Any degree of cleansing is great, from a half day of juices at Project Juice to lunches for the week with Splendid Spoon to 14 Days of the Clean Program or reading through I.AM.YOU / RETOX.

Once you’ve successfully de-cluttered, treat yourself to a few minutes to a few hours of self-love with our handy guide.

And don’t forget to ENTER the Spring Reset Contest before May 10 for the chance to win your prizes from SHAPE activewear and CorePower Yoga.