Find Out How Trainer, Erin Nelson Keeps a Healthy Balance!

This week we caught up with SWERVE instructor, Erin Nelson, to find out she is treating herself this Valentine’s Day and where she will be escaping in NYC for some quiet time.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans this year? Staycation! I’m going off the grid to an undisclosed location in NYC for two nights. Best treat for any New Yorker during the frigid winter months, especially if you can’t escape to a beach.

What Valentine’s Day candy is it impossible for you to stay away from? Red Hots will be my forever favorite, especially when they’re shaped like hearts.

What are the best workouts for a couple or two best friends to do together? What workouts/exercises are the best for bonding with your crush or bestie?

Obviously, I’m going to throw SWERVE in the mix immediately. It’s indoor cycling with teams, so you can ride on the same team and work together to win the race or compete against each other on different teams. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?Switch Playground pairs people up. Each couple moves around to 20 different stations performing various strength & cardio exercises. The environment is one you’ll never forget! So fun & is over before you know it! Yoga is a great option for couples. It allows you to feel centered and open. Perfect pre-brunch burn on the weekends. Plethora of options in the City, but my favorite is Modo Yoga in the Village.

How do you recommend people stay focused on their fitness goals during the month of chocolate hearts?
Honesty & Grace. You have to be really honest with yourself about what you want to accomplish. Write it down. Things are much more concrete when we have to articulate them into words. THEN share it with someone. Find someone to help hold you accountable to your goals. Make sure that person is someone who will be honest with you, and will help keep you on track. And grace, when you allow that bite of chocolate or glass of wine or entire pizza 😉 Know that you’ve made that choice and it doesn’t eliminate all the work you’ve already done. Own it. Accept it. Move past it.

How have you noticed working out together affects people’s love lives?

I used to teach a very early morning SWERVE Ride that I unofficially dubbed the “couples ride” because so many people showed up with their partner. I think its an awesome way to start the day with your significant other. On the flip side, I’ve noticed couples that meet up after work and sweat together. You connect with each other & you connect with your own body. Plus, it’s sexy to see your partner working hard in a class.

Because Feb. 14 can also be about self-love, what wellness activity (massage, facial, etc) would you most likely treat yourself to for Valentine’s Day?
 I’ve been dying to try cryotherapy and/or infrared treatment. I’m from Texas so heat is my preference, but so many of my colleagues in the fitness industry swear by cryotherapy.
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Find out how Katie Mitchell, trainer at Physique 57 balances eating candy and working out!

February 14th is just around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one or Galentine’s Day with your closest friend, there’s no better day to sweat it out with your crush or bestie. It’s undeniable that the endorphins you get from working out will put you in the right frame of mind for a holiday centered around love and appreciation. And focusing on your overall health and wellness means celebrating V-Day with some much deserved self-love. This week, we caught up with Katie Mitchell, a trainer at Physique 57, on why you should bring the heat to class this month.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans this year? 

I do! Unfortunately, my husband and I are both working on February 14th this year and so we cannot celebrate on the actual day, but we are going to travel out to the vineyard we got married at in Long Island shortly thereafter.  We are very excited to enjoy some time out of the city together, as well as some delicious wine!

What Valentine’s Day candy is it impossible for you to stay away from?

In addition to champagne (which I consider a candy!), anything dark chocolate is irresistible.

How do you recommend people stay focused on their fitness goals during the month of chocolate hearts?

For me, it’s all about balance.  I would rather treat myself to some chocolate hearts rather than deprive myself of enjoying a holiday treat.  Knowing that, I can take an extra fitness class, or watch what I eat a few days before and after Valentine’s Day, to account for it!

What are the best workouts for a couple or two best friends to do together? What workouts/exercises are the best for bonding with your crush or bestie?

I love my Physique 57 classes!  They are a perfect combination of strength training, cardio and stretch to help create long, lean and healthy muscles.  Not only are you burning calories during the hour that you are physically working out because of the way we overload the muscles, the after-burn keeps your metabolic rate revved up and your body burning calories for the next 72 hours! Bring on the Valentines Day treats!  Also, I love how workout buddies keep you on track.  There’s nothing better than a friend who’s on the same fitness journey helping keep you committed to that class you swore you’d fit in to your busy schedule.

How have you noticed working out together affects people’s love lives?

Taking time out of a busy day to treat yourself to a workout is so empowering.  What better way to bond with your loved one than to share that experience together. I find this to be the case even if you do separate workouts- the fact remains that the two of you took time to fit in that workout. That will only serve to make you a happier, more confident and better partner.

Because Feb. 14 is also about self-love, what wellness activity (massage, facial, etc) would you most likely treat yourself to for Valentine’s Day?

I will 100% treat myself to some shade of red manicure and pedicure for Valentine’s Day!


Find Out How LIFT Instructor Ariane Dupuis, Sticks to her 2018 Fitness Goals.

If your New Year’s fitness and wellness resolutions are already a distant memory, you’re in good company.  

Thankfully, the trainers at LIFT have designed a platform that lets you take group classes or personal training sessions virtually, making it easier to stick with working out — or at least harder to make excuses about getting to the gym.

The LIFT training sessions are livestreamed, so you can interact with instructors in real-time without ever leaving your living (or hotel) room.

We asked Ariane Monast-Dupuis, one of the the trainers at LIFT, about how she’s sticking with their 2018 fitness goals.


Did you make any New Year’s fitness or wellness resolutions this year? Yes! Since I’m already very active and workout almost everyday, I’ve decided to focus on my nutrition for this year. I’m always in a rush between clients and group sessions so I end up snacking on not so healthy things. Now, I dedicate my Sunday afternoon to meal prepping! I cook healthy snacks for when I’m on the go, meals for my lunches and my smoothies for the next 3 days. It saves me so much time during the week and I’m sure to keep my meals lean, clean and green. Remember, success is achieved through 80 percent diet and 20 percent fitness!

Now that we’re about a month into the new year, what do you think are the best ways for people to stay focused and motivated to stick with their fitness resolutions? It’s all about dedication and consistency. I love writing down my goals and look at them every week to remind myself how important those goals are for me. I feel like vision boards and goal setting are key to stay dedicated and consistent with your fitness resolutions. If your goal is to loose weight or gain strength, tone, etc… I’d recommend taking progress pictures. Forget the scale for one second. By looking at these pictures, you’ll be able to see your progress, how much leaner, stronger or toner you’ve become and you’ll be much more motivated to keep going.
What are your best tips for getting back on track, if someone hasn’t been keeping up with their resolutions? Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just start fresh the next day. We’re only a month into the new year, you still have time to get back at it. Plan your week accordingly. Plan your workouts, your meals, etc. Failing to plan is planning to fail! Make time for your workout. We are all busy and I know it’s hard sometime to squeeze a workout in, that’s why LIFT Session is AMAZING! You may sign up for sessions all day with live coaches. You will get the best sweaty workout in only 30 minutes. You can choose between Yoga, MetPower or cardioblast sessions.  No excuses!

In what ways do you think LIFT’s virtual platform is changing how people workout?LIFT is such a great platform. People are busier than ever and they’re looking for something quick and effective. Gym memberships are expensive and people lose their motivation pretty quickly. With LIFT, you have the ‘accountability factor’. When you register for a class, you know your coach and the other LIFT members are counting on you to show up. Plus, 30 minutes goes by so fast when you have a live coach pushing you. Workouts are always varied so you don’t get muscle memory and bored. You’ll see results pretty quickly! It’s completely different than workout dvd’s and stuff like that.

What is your favorite part about training people through video classes? “Personally do you like group training or personal training? My favorite part is by far seeing the client’s progress. How they’ve gain strength and confidence. How they go for the extra rep or try a movement they’ve been afraid to try. It always makes me really proud. Even though I don’t see them in real life, I get to connect with them almost every day and get to know them. I’m proud to say that I have clients all over the world and that’s awesome!
Personally, I love personal training, but I’d say the group training is my favorite. I love seeing everyone giving their best and pushing past their comfort zone. The energy of the group is so great!
What is the most challenging part of working out online?
Opening your computer to start your session! Haha no but to be honest, LIFT is so convenient for everyone. Moms, students, parents, athletes, Anyone! All you need is a good wifi connection and you’re good to go. Since you’re probably doing the workout at home or during your lunch break at work, the hardest part will be to show up on time and take 30 minutes for yourself. But the fact that there’s a coach waiting for you is going to keep you accountable.
How do you make time to workout in the winter, especially when it feels like it’s too cold to go outside, and as we’re approaching Valentine’s Day — which means lots and lots of chocolate — how would you encourage people to stay healthy?
 You plan your workouts for your schedule. Since LIFT  has many classes at different times of the day, it’s easier to get your workout in. I love running outside, but I hate the cold. I’m a big fan of morning workouts. So I wake up early, get my workout in and get to work after. Lift has classes as early as 6am! I know it’s tough during winter with mornings being so dark and cold, but you’re going to feel great once it’s done and ready to tackle your day. It gives you a little “kick” and it boosts your metabolism.  Plus, when you finish your day, you can go home, relax and appreciate the time with your family, forget about your workout because it’s already done! And don’t stress too much about Valentine’s day. It’s only one day during the year. If you’re craving that chocolate, eat it. Make sure your meals are healthy for the rest of the day and start fresh the next day. It’s all about balance 😉
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The 305 Instructor who Loves Spiked Egg Nog and Stretching to Michael Buble

As part of our December Corporate Challenge series, we’re talking to some of our favorite partner instructors about how they maintain their healthy habits through the holidays. This week, we caught up with Natalia Roberts of 305 on how she handles her routine during ‘vacation mode’, her family’s impromptu talent shows and how she manages to fit in a workout while everyone else is still asleep.

Headshot 002

Will you be in the studio and around this December?

I am going to visit not only my own family this year, but my boyfriend’s family for the holidays! I’ll be gone for two weeks (and I am having separation anxiety).

How do you switch it up in class when it becomes holiday time?

No one ever says “no” to a good sultry holiday song during the stretch! But more importantly I think we’re in a specific mental state during the holidays and its important to acknowledge that. For some, it’s a time of great anxiety, for others a time of gratitude and overwhelming love. I think we all take this time to reflect on our last year, congratulate ourselves on what we’ve accomplished, try to forgive ourselves where we fell short, and resolve ourselves for the year ahead.

Anything going into this month’s playlists that we have to download?

Anything that Michael Bublé has ever produced.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Going home and seeing my tribe of childhood friends. Everyone has scattered since graduating from college so it’s really important for me to get to hug everyone.

What is the most challenging part?

The holidays cost a lot of money! Jeez between the plane tickets and presents it can be staggering. Also, as much as I love my family I also love having my routine. My body starts to feel really awful if I take too many days off from moving or eat too much crappy and devilishly delicious foods. My family goes into HARD “vacation mode” staggering out of bed around noon, eating brunch with several friends and family, recovering from brunch, cooking for a dinner party, having a dinner party, recovering from the dinner party, falling head first into bed. Repeat. There’s a lot to celebrate over the holidays including my parents’ anniversary (I believe we’ll be celebrating their 38th year together), Christmas, and my sister’s birthday.

Any tips for our readers and 305 clients who might find it tough to make it to class in the middle of the holiday hustle?

It’s a great time to discover something new! I am usually outside of New York for the holidays so I check out classes and new teachers that are in the area, I go on runs with my boyfriend. If I know it’s going to be a crazy day of eating and socializing I wake up a little early and made sure I exercise before everyone else wakes up and the day begins.

Because we are all about balance, what are your favorite holiday indulgences?

Spiked Eggnog + anything my friend Daniel decides to cook.

And biggest question, do you lead a Roberts family 305 class over the holidays??

Spontaneous 305 classes have become a staple of the holidays alongside impromptu talent shows, Shakespeare monologues, salsa lessons and push-up contests.


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Monday Motivation at EverybodyFights

With Week 3 of the Corporate Challenge in full swing, we’ve got some Monday motivation to power you through the week, courtesy of Hernan Santa from EverybodyFights.


Will you be in the studio and around this December?

Santa is going to be around, especially since its December. Haha

How do you keep people focused in class when it becomes holiday time?

By switching up the programming of the classes week to week, so that they’re constantly being surprised and pushed to their limits. I also remind our students to set their intentions before class to earn that holiday feast that’s coming at the end of the month.

Anything going into this month’s playlist that we have to download?

Definitely tracks from Jada Kiss & Fabolous new album “Nightmare on Elm Street”

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

My favorite part of the holiday season is definitely the giving part. I also love that friends and family come together to eat, celebrate and contribute to putting smiles on each other’s faces.

What is the most challenging part?

There’s really no challenges for me in December, as a matter of fact. I find it to be the  easiest time of the year because it’s coming to an end and I get super excited about all of the beautiful things that are going to happen in the New Year!!!

Any tips for our readers and EverybodyFights clients who might find it tough to make it to class in the middle of the holiday hustle?

Yes!!! If you know that your mid-day and evenings are going to be busy and unpredictable make a sacrifice for the month and get your butt out of bed a little earlier then usual and come to morning classes, which start as early as 6am at EverybodyFights. Also if you know you’re going to go away towards the end of December and won’t be able to workout on vacation, then front load your training and get to the gym 5x a week rather than 3x.

Most importantly, because we are all about balance, what are your favorite holiday indulgences?

I just recently started eating Vegan (plant-based) @22daysnutrition 4 weeks ago and I have to say that the transformation that it has caused in me both mentally and physically has been amazing. I haven’t craved meat or sugars, which normally would’ve been my go to indulgences.

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Finding Holiday Balance during the End of Year Crunch with Flywheel instructor, Jessica Forseth!

End of Year Crunch Time and Holiday Balance

Now that end of year festivities are in full swing, juggling December deadlines with holiday celebrations and staying on track with workouts is a REAL commitment.

To stay inspired to the finish line, we’ve asked Jessica Forseth, Flywheel’s Lead Instructor in the Bay Area, how she is staying in balance during this time. Read on for Jessica’s tips, tricks and grandmother-made favorite indulgences!  

Jessica Forseth, Flywheel Bay Area

Jess- Flywheel

Will you be in the studio and around this December?  

Yes! As the Lead for the Bay Area, I am around the studio almost every day and teaching throughout the week in all three of our locations.

How do you switch it up in class when it becomes holiday time? 

I always like to keep classes fun, fresh, and intense. I love our work hard, play hard philosophy, especially during the holidays – it’s all about balance! It’s fun to see people ready to put in extra work toward their goals, but I think the mental component is even more important during the holidays. While fun, this time of year can be very stressful, so I love using the stadium to help people not only get a good calorie burn in but also escape and find a little sanity/peace!

Anything going into this month’s playlist that we have to download?

I am currently (still) obsessed with every remix of “Rake It Up,” the new Yellow Claw song “Both of Us,” and anything G Eazy! Can’t promise I won’t throw in some holiday guilty pleasures, too – *NSYNC or Mariah, anyone?

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

I love the positive, festive, happy energy in the air. Whether it’s holiday parties, the music, or just white Christmas lights on palm trees, the energy is contagious. I also love the holiday parties – family, friends, and treats! The perfect trio.

What is the most challenging part?

The most challenging part is BALANCE. Finding time for all of the extra gatherings, work, added stress for gifts or traveling AND still finding time to take care of yourself and health can add a lot of unnecessary stress.

Any tips for our readers and Flywheel riders who might find it tough to make it to class in the middle of the holiday hustle?

Set your goals, create a plan and a schedule, and stick to it. Treat your classes and workouts like appointments – don’t flake on yourself! It is important to still find time for you. Find a few friends with similar goals and use your classes as a social hour to kill two birds with one stone. Also, remember it’s okay to say “no” and also okay to be flexible in your routine. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Most importantly, because we are all about balance, what are your favorite holiday indulgences?  

I have a major sweet tooth so my absolute favorite holiday indulgence is my grandma’s peanut butter balls. And all things peppermint! Give me all the peppermint bark and mocha, please.

You can follow Jess on Instagram @jessicaforth


Recovering from Fried Turkey and Wine Country with Dailey Method’s Rachel Nixon

As we recover from the first big meal of the holiday season and prepare for many more, one of our favorite barre experts in San Francisco, Dailey Method’s Rachel Nixon, shares with us how she balances eating fried turkey and drinking Sonoma vino with her workouts. Read on for part three of our series on our Fall Corporate Fitness Challenge (read part one with Lindsay Stiegler of Orangetheory Fitness here, and part two with Shari Katz of Pure Barre here!):

Rachel Nixon, Dailey Method


What’s your favorite part of spending the holidays in Northern California?

I love heading up to Sonoma with my husband and puppy to spend time with our “California family.” My godparents and friends throw a heck of a celebration each year for Thanksgiving which I always look forward to. While we’re not blood-related, they’re truly family and their Thanksgivings have become a tradition for us since we do not have family in California.

How do you prepare for the disruption to your normal workout + nutrition routine?

I make it a priority to fit in my workouts leading up to holiday events. For instance I always look for a local Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving.  I check out schedules of local studios so I know my options ahead of time and can plan to pop over to a class before the days get busy.

What is your favorite holiday dish to make?

Cornbread dressing, and don’t you dare call it stuffing. My family is from Louisiana and we fry our turkey instead of baking it so there’s no such thing as stuffing at our table. If I don’t go home for the holidays, my mom sends me cornbread mix, as you can’t buy the right kind here in California. My holiday simply wouldn’t be complete without it.

How do you change up your fitness routine to accommodate for all of the extra treats, glasses of wine and late nights celebrating with friends and family?

While I make it a priority to fit in my workouts leading up to the holidays, I take celebration days themselves as a true vacation from routine and obligation. My body and soul always needs this time, and I believe it makes me a stronger teacher when I return to my classes. That being said, I always set a day where I promise myself to get back to my normal routine and plan that first workout or healthy dinner. Having an end date to the indulgence allows me to fully appreciate it.

What is your favorite part about the holidays?

Is it bad if I say the wine? Since we’re often in Sonoma, the wine is a huge part of the table, the food is almost secondary, and I definitely can’t complain about that. I also love chowing down and raising a glass with the people I love.

Any tips for Dailey Method members unsure of how to maintain a healthy routine during this time?

Plan your workouts ahead of time and you’re more likely to stick to them, but make sure the weekend includes time to slow down and take it all in. If you’re traveling, prioritize a class before leaving, then perhaps take a walk or run the morning of with a friend or family member. Finally, plan the day you are going to return to your workout and healthy eating routine so you can let loose over the long weekend. I know that if I plan to hit it hard again on Saturday, I can feel good about fully indulging Thursday and Friday.

You can follow Rachel on Instagram @rachnxn