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Astrology Is An Art & A Science…Far From “Woo Woo”

Author: Natalie Holbrook, Astrologer, Herbalist & Holistic Nutritionist

Have you ever been called to stop and look up at the majestic canopy of the stars shining overhead? Or felt a sense of connectedness and comfort from the miraculous Moon which illuminates the night sky? Our relationship with the planets run much deeper than admiring their nebulous beauty from afar. Science has confirmed that we are made up of the elements formed by stars: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and so forth. So, you could confidently take in, while receiving a nod from NASA, that yes, you are made of stardust.

Now, as we are made of the same elements, and highly influenced by that of which we are made, it is undeniable that we feel an effect from the outside happenings of the constellations, planets, the asteroids, and the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. The saying goes, “As Above, So Below”, and what occurs in the celestial realm is reflected in both our world as a united collective, and within our deepest, most personal inner worlds. When you begin to understand the movement of the planets and the 12 zodiac constellations, you start to see the vibrational patterns that transcend time.

Did you know that taking guidance from the stars has been used since the beginning of human existence? The organization of calendars and dates were tracked by the journeys of the Sun and the Moon. Cultures across the lands created sundials to keep time; Babylonians, Mayan, Greeks, Chinese and more developed their own unique models, all synced to the cosmos. The Egyptians famously took measurements of the stars to accurately orient their pyramids and sun temples with the Earth’s cardinal points. Even today, many farmers plant their agricultural seeds based on the phases of the moon, as the gravitational pull in its energy plays a governing role in the abundance of the harvest. It is clear, comforting, and beautiful to positively affirm that our empire on Earth ebbs and flows with the ever-changing seasons of the galactic.

Astrology is an ancient tool used by moderns and mystics through the ages. Each culture has used a form of Astrology through time, from Egyptians to Indians to the Chinese; it even dates back to citations in the Bible. The language of the stars deciphers all of it for you. There is a reason why you are the way you are, why you act, think, talk, desire and feel the way you do. You came to this Earth with a divine purpose, unlimited individual worth and the ability to co-create with higher powers an abundant life your soul desires.

Astrology shows the full soul. Each of us have a ‘birth chart,’ a snapshot of the sky where each planet was, each Zodiac constellation, that was created the moment you took your first breath. Your chart depends on the time you were born, where, and of course, the date. Our birthday is known as our “Sun Sign.” But did you know you also have a Moon (Zodiac) sign, which dominates your emotions, feelings, stress-levels and deep needs, and a Mercury (Zodiac) sign, which shows how you communicate, learn and think, and signs for each planet? And a sign for Venus, which shows the way you love, Mars, which shows how you take action, Saturn, which shows what you’re here to master and overcome, Pluto, which shows how you transform, Uranus, where you have genius and spontaneous events, and Neptune, which is where you have spirituality and illusion/or disillusion, and Jupiter, which is where we have expansion and optimism. You also have a “Rising Sign,” or the Zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon when you were born, along with a plethora of points in the sky that give description to your career, your love life, and your destiny.

Knowing where your planetary placements are, help you to know why you are the way you are and can lead you to accept and have compassion for yourself and others on a deeper level.  

When I learned Astrology and my chart, it changed my life because it gave me permission to finally accept pieces of myself, receive validation and say, “hell yes!” to the things I felt inside of me but were suppressed due to fear, because they weren’t the typical “should’s,” or “standards” that our society gives us.

Here are some ways it personally inspired and improved my life and knowledge of myself:  

– Learning I’m a Leo Rising made me understand my deep need for being a leader, my love since childhood for theatre, music, acting and kid-like creativity. It pushed me to know that this is a part of my soul purpose to live these gifts I’m rising into out!

– Learning my Pluto (transformation +obsession) was in the 4th house (home + inner world) validated why I’ve moved around so much and why I’m obsessed with mindset + growth

– My Moon in the 11th house proves my deep need for community and wanting to work together for humanity, and when I don’t have that I feel depressed. The Moon placement teaches us our medicine.

– Learning my North Node (lessons/destiny) in Aries enforced my need for independence, entrepreneurship and letting go of my South Node (past karma) in Libra shadows like codependency or comparison.

– Realizing my Jupiter (luck/expansion) in Pisces in the 8th house of mysticism solidified me tapping deeper into the spiritual world and surrendering fully to the Universe and my guides.

– Learning the best ways for me to make money are through my Leo, Taurus, Virgo + Gemini energies which helped me have confidence in my gifts that these signs offer.

– And so much more! I use the current transits to make decisions on everything from money to travel to relationships to my health!

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