Sweat 03/ 13/ 2019

Get to Know Former NBA Dancer Turned Flywheel Instructor, Caitlin!

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After being active for so many years, how do you continue to challenge yourself in the gym?

I started doing Crossfit 3 months ago and I’m addicted. Given my personal training background, I thought I knew enough about weight lifting to get a good workout in on my own. Maybe so, but since starting Crossfit I’ve acquired many new skills. I had only worked with kettlebells and dumbbells in the past, and now I feel like superwoman any time I do a complex lift with a barbell. WITH PLATES ON IT. I am so proud of myself. I also learned to climb a rope and walk on my hands. Next I want to work on my ring muscle-ups and handstand push ups!

Whether they know it or not, do your trainees ever help you learn something new during a session?

I think it’s less that they are teaching me specific facts or lessons and more that they inspire me with their commitment, energy, and intention. I like to thank everyone at the end of class for making it happen. With just a teacher and no students, there cannot be a class. It is their desire to be stronger, faster, better versions of themselves that makes every class possible.


What is your favorite workout to do to switch up your routine?

Crossfit! Anything involving weight lifting. Also yoga, although that is really more for my mind than my body. I also take an active approach to daily life – I love hiking, bouldering, playing with my nieces and nephew, playing with dogs, or walking around a new city. I’d love to learn to surf one day! My brother has trained in jiu jitsu all his life. When I move back to Pittsburgh, I’d also like to learn from him.

Who’s your pick to win it all this March Madness?

Uhh, is Pitt competing this year? I only root for Pittsburgh teams. Despite dancing in the NBA, I know almost nothing about basketball because Pittsburgh does not have a pro team. Go Steelers!

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