Sweat 03/ 13/ 2019

Meet The Bar Method Gold Coast Owner Emily Youkers!

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Does your fitness routine change once it (finally) starts to get warmer outside?
Strangely, I’m more dedicated to my workout in the winter than I am in the warmer months! Something about the cold makes my body crave movement so I find that I take more classes each week when its cold. Winter can seem like it won’t end and I know working out will be the one thing I can consistently rely on to feel better. Once the weather starts to warm, I want to be outside and it takes more discipline on my part to schedule time for my fitness routine. My workout time is so critical for me year round, not just physically but for my mental and emotional health. I’ve come to rely on physical activity as stress relief and a way to remove the “weight” from my shoulders on challenging days. The warm weather does get me outside more though. I’m more likely to walk than take mass transit and I’m more likely to participate in outdoor fitness activities and even try new things. I want to get out on the water more this summer and try rowing for the first time.
After being active for so many years, how do you continue to challenge yourself in the gym?
One of my favorite aspects of The Bar Method is it never gets boring so its very hard to plateau. No two classes are ever the same because each instructor has their own choreography, musical style and we’re constantly innovating with new exercises. When I feel the need to shake things up a bit, I rely on some simple changes to trick my mind and body out of its comfort zone. I’ll work out at a different time of day, with a new instructor and even choose a different location in the studio to give myself a different perspective on my form. Taking another instructor’s class gives me ideas on creative ways to combine exercises and then I’m a better instructor as a result. The Bar Method community of instructors is like your own team of personal trainers. We hold each other accountable to the quality of our “Method” so we can teach the safest and most effective classes to our clients.
Whether they know it or not, do your trainees ever help you learn something new during a session?
My clients give back to me in ways they probably never realize! Being a Bar Method instructor means I am trained to analyze a clients body type and shape, then combine that knowledge with their physical limitations or injuries to provide a safe yet highly effective workout. Just because I have 20 clients in a class doesn’t mean all of them are always doing the same exercise. In every class I’m providing alternate exercises and modifications to account for each individuals needs. I am so rewarded when I help a client tells me after class that a challenging position finally makes sense to them and they feel that “A-ha!!” moment.
What is your favorite workout to do to switch up your routine?
Hiking! I don’t do it as much as I used to after to moving to Chicago from Arizona but I miss it. Whenever I’m home, my friends and family know one of the first things I want to do is schedule a hike in one of the various mountain ranges. It clears and stimulates my mind at the same time. The beauty of nature, the drive to keep going even when I’m getting tired and solitude are so therapeutic.
Who’s your pick to win it all this March Madness?
I was secretly looking forward to seeing the Loyola team surprise everyone this year but sadly they’re out of the running. I’m all about the ASU Sun Devils now!!
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