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Jumping into 2019 with Louis!

Need help jump starting your new year’s resolutions? Louis sets smart goals for himself that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. Catch Louis in the studio this week!


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What’s your advice for people looking to jumpstart their fitness/health routine in the new year?

Set some smart goals for yourself. A smart goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. An example would be, “I want to reduce my body fat composition 3% in the next 3 weeks”. The plan to do that might be to increase your exercise regime to 3 days of aerobic activity with two days of strength training and reduce your daily caloric intake 300 calories per day. Start a food journal so you can figure out what your daily caloric intake is like, then make the necessary changes in order to keep nutrients high and caloric intake at the level needed to reach your goal. Make it more fun by adding a challenge, include social support and have a reward in place to celebrate your success.

How did you stay healthy during the Holidays?

I stayed healthy throughout the holidays by setting weekly realistic goals for myself. Such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator 3 times a day. Limiting sweets to once per day. I ate more vegetables throughout the day. Realistic goal setting helps me set a plan and be accountable. Knowing I have a reward in place for myself at the end keeps me on track.

Thoughts on treating yourself?

I think it’s important to treat yourself. Do your homework if possible and look into how many saturated fats are hiding in food choices that you may be treating yourself to. A quick google check will give you insight on this. It’s recommended to limit saturated fat intake to no more than 7% of calories per day. With all the treats available it’s easy to surpass this limit.

What is your favorite part of the new year/holiday season?

I enjoy remembering all of the special memories of the holidays and passing them on to the little ones in my family. I also enjoy helping people explore the possibilities of the new year and helping them set new goals. I’m fan of holiday music, a warm fire and all of the magic that holidays bring.

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