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Lacking Motivation or Having Trouble Sticking To Your Goals? Set Small Milestones, You’ve Got This!

Written by HealthKick partner Bach&Forth

As a society, we’ve been trained to achieve, improve, and set goals at the start of the new year. In some ways, this can be an exciting time, an opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate. In other ways, it can be daunting, overwhelming, and induce feelings of failure when things don’t go as planned.

Well you’re not alone when that feeling of defeat sets in, and this could be your saving grace.

START SMALL. Like teeny tiny small. As in, instead of 45 minutes make it 10. Or, instead of saving $100 a week, save $10 a week. And when you really don’t feel like doing whatever it is or you don’t feel like you can, make it smaller instead of forfeiting altogether.

You may be thinking, “well that’s not going to get me anywhere closer to my goal,” but here’s why it’s so important…when you start small this is what you’re really doing:

1) Building self-confidence and trust because you’re following through with what you set out to do and creating positive momentum within yourself.

2) Making it part of your subconscious mind which makes up 95% of your brain. Your subconscious mind is in control of the thoughts, actions, and habits that are on autopilot.

3) Creating a new identity for yourself. Your identity is what truly leads to sustainable behavior change, not motivation. Motivation is only temporary. Identity change is when you identify as the type of person who takes this action regularly regardless of size.

Most of the time we have a bigger WHY for our goals – we want to feel more confident, we want to be financially secure some day, we want to have a stronger relationship, but we forget about that bigger reason in the moment. When it’s time to take action we never, ever feel like doing it. If we felt like it, we would, and it wouldn’t be this challenging.

So next time you’re out there setting a new goal for yourself or if you’re ready to get back up and try again, start small, and THEN grow from there. You got this!

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