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Staying hydrated is more important than you might think and drinking enough water per day gives so many amazing benefits that we know we all could use, especially in these hot summer months.  Keep on reading to get everything you need to start the 7-Day Challenge! THE CHALLENGE: We challenge you to drink half your […]

Step into a journey of self-care and holistic well-being with our Stress Busting Bingo Challenge where you can discover activities that uplift, restore, and rejuvenate your spirit. Tailored for diverse interests, this challenge offers the profound opportunity to engage with practices that not only reduce stress but also enhance overall mental wellness — from going […]

Let’s break out of hibernation mode together by taking active steps to wake our mind and body up! Join us for our 2-Week Spring Fever Challenge and choose your focus – Sweat or Mindfulness. This is not a competitive challenge, but instead a way to encourage each other to be more active or more present. […]

Join us in celebrating Self-Care Awareness month by participating in our 2-week daily Bingo Challenge. These daily activities are curated to reflect diverse interests and all aspects of wellbeing — from eating a healthy breakfast and taking a meditation class to dancing it out or taking a bath. We want everyone to find their feel-good.  […]