Challenge 08/ 24/ 2021

Self-Care Bingo Challenge

Join us in celebrating Self-Care Awareness month by participating in our 2-week daily Bingo Challenge. These daily activities are curated to reflect diverse interests and all aspects of wellbeing — from eating a healthy breakfast and taking a meditation class to dancing it out or taking a bath. We want everyone to find their feel-good. 

It’s a great opportunity to invest in your wellness, while contributing to non-profit Exhale to Inhale. HealthKick will donate $1 to Exhale to Inhale for every person that registers to participate.*

How it works:

  1. Download the Self-Care Bingo Card
  2. Track your wellness activities on the BINGO card by crossing out activities, the goal is to get at least one Bingo — that’s one completed row in any direction. For a little more of a challenge, try to fill out the entire card!
  3. Submit your completed bingo card to [email protected] by Monday, 9/27 to be entered to be one of three who win a $50 HealthKick credit. 

About Exhale to Inhale

Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to transform their lives through the healing power of trauma-informed yoga. At HealthKick, we’ve been inspired by the incredible work this non-profit is doing to lift fellow citizens up through the power of wellness. For more information, visit 

Self-Care Bingo Activities & HealthKick Partners to Try

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Make your own donation to Exhale to Inhale: Did you know that the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping others is actually good for you? Studies show that giving can actually boost your physical and mental health. 

Write a gratitude list: By practicing awareness of the positive things in life, we fight off our tendency to spot the negatives. As a result, we train our brains to be more positive!

  • HealthKick partners to try: Check out Aura Health for 7 days free and try their gratitude journal or try out Jour for 7 days free with their guided self-care journaling app.

Do a 5 to 10 minute meditation: Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. During meditation, you focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress, which can result in enhanced physical and emotional wellbeing.

Try a yoga class: No matter which type of yoga you choose, it’s a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, focus your mind, and relax your spirit.

Stay off social media for the first hour you wake up: The subconscious mind is more powerful than we know, especially in the morning. Its openness and receptivity is just like a cell phone, trying to pick up a signal. One of the simplest ways you can add more joy and peace to the rest of your day is by not checking social media first thing in the morning.

Take a bath: Taking a bath can help reduce pain and calm your nervous system, reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in your body and boosting your mood!

Dance it out: Music can help you forget your problems and dancing makes you feel like you can just let loose, so here’s your invitation to rock out!

  • HealthKick Partners to try: Sculpt Society (the number one sculpt and dance cardio app) or try 305 Fitness on JETSWEAT.

Rewrite your limiting beliefs: Often the subconscious is like a mine-field of limiting beliefs and old outdated “programs” that are no longer worthy of who you are, or who you are becoming. Luckily there are practices and modalities to help!

  • HealthKick partners to try: Try a PYSCH-K session with Natalie Holbrook Wellness. PSYCH-K allows you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your potential in life.

Give yourself a compliment: According to experts, giving yourself compliments is as beneficial as receiving them from your loved ones. It makes you feel better about yourself and reminds you of how awesome you are.

Try a stretch session: Spending the day hunched over a desk (or a couch-desk) isn’t ideal for your posture or flexibility. Counteract this by stretching for at least 5 minutes.

Swap one item in your grooming routine for a clean product: Swap the products that you use daily first (remember small steps), like your cleanser, moisturizer or deodorant!

Take a real lunch break: Boost your energy levels and focus by getting up and actually enjoying your lunch break, multitasking isn’t always best!

Join our Sound Healing Meditation on Wednesday, Sept. 22nd: The general intention of a sound healing is to create a state of harmony in the listener by using sound to clear discordance from your energy field. Some of the benefits include relaxation, an increased sense of wellbeing, expanded awareness, and access to inner visionary experiences. 

Make a healthy dinner at home: When you eat well, you feel well! Take a break from ordering in and make a nutritious meal for yourself or your family.

Do an outdoor activity: Even just walking for 30 minutes in a natural or urban environment is linked with reducing stress hormone levels and improving mood.

  • HealthKick partners to try: Aaptiv (for a running guide)

Make a smoothie for breakfast: A daily smoothie can offer a super convenient way to get your fruits and veggies in while also nourishing your body with many essential vitamins and minerals. 

Try a breathwork session: The benefits of breathwork include reducing stress, to reducing inflammation, and alkalizing your blood PH levels. 

Try a new workout: Your body and brain will reap benefits when you try new activities. There are tons of benefits to mixing up your workouts. It’s the key to stimulating different muscle groups and preventing boredom!

Put on sunscreen: Using sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy or raining, dramatically decreases your risk of developing skin cancer along with anti-aging benefits!

Get 7-9 hours of sleep: Getting enough sleep can improve your mood, memory, and immune system!

Drink half your bodyweight in ounces: Approximately 60 percent of the body is made of water. To function properly, all the cells and organs of the body require it.

Do an extended skincare routine: Your skincare routine should be something you enjoy, and taking the time to focus on yourself reaps mind, body, and beauty benefits. An effective and efficient skin care routine is a therapeutic process that will help you feel your best.

Meal plan for the week: Using a weekly meal plan is the best way to cook healthier for yourself/family, save money, and time! 

  • HealthKick partner to try: PlateJoy (10 day free trial)

Connect with a friend: A 2019 study published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that the strength of a person’s social circle—as measured by inbound and outbound cell phone activity—was a better predictor of self-reported stress, happiness and wellbeing levels than fitness tracker data on physical activity, heart rate and sleep. So call up those friends!

Do a HIIT workout: This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

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