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Sound healing is a practice that uses Sound to relax the mind and body. The experience involves lying down with your eyes closed. The practitioner will create intentional Sounds that the listener can hear and feel in different parts of the body. Conscious listening is listening without judgment or anticipation. When we listen in this […]

Join us in celebrating Self-Care Awareness month by participating in our 2-week daily Bingo Challenge. These daily activities are curated to reflect diverse interests and all aspects of wellbeing — from eating a healthy breakfast and taking a meditation class to dancing it out or taking a bath. We want everyone to find their feel-good.  […]

Author: Jazmin Alvarez, Founder of Pretty Well Beauty One of the most popular questions I receive from people is, “Where do I start?” Transitioning from conventional beauty and personal care can be an overwhelming obstacle since the growth of clean beauty has been massive in the last 4 or 5 years.  It seems like every […]

Author: Meghan Bachman, CEO & Founder of Bach&Forth As many of us transition back into the office and send the kiddos back to school, we’re about to experience an adjustment in our morning routines which includes having a game plan for breakfast. But not just any breakfast, a blood sugar balancing breakfast! Why is it […]