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Written by: Joanna Loewi – The Present Mama One of the biggest challenges of going back-to-school is that it’s a transition. For adults and kids alike, transitions can be difficult. They bring about new routines, unfamiliar classrooms, new schedules, faces, perhaps even a new job. Just think back to your first day at a new […]

In honor of Mental Health Month, we asked a few of our wellness experts to share easy tips to support your mental wellbeing. We asked our wellness experts the following two questions: Beth Lipton, Health Coach, Recipe Developer: “The quickest and most accessible way I know to manage stress is deep breathing. Taking deep belly […]

Written by HealthKick partner: Spiritune Cue the music doctor, please. Sure, music may help you get pumped up for the gym or into a better frame of mind following a breakup, but it does so much more than that. In fact, few of us truly appreciate just how profound an effect music can have on […]

Written by HealthKick partner kencko It’s estimated that between 30-40% of the food supply in the United States winds up going to waste. That’s over 130 billion pounds of food that doesn’t wind up where it’s intended – our stomachs. While we aren’t suggesting you or I are going to crack the code and solve […]