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By: Dr. Serina Patterson, founder of Earthlove and Spirit Wild Farm Earth Day comes around once per year, but living mindfully with our beautiful planet is a choice that we can make every day. Making more eco-friendly choices doesn’t have to be overwhelming and even small steps can make a big difference. Here on our […]

Poor sleep affects nearly everyone. In fact, according to recent CDC estimates, ⅓ of U.S. adults don’t get enough sleep, (1) with 68% of adults suffering from sleep issues about once a week. That equates to about 164 million people. What’s more, 27% have trouble falling or staying asleep most nights. (2) When you consider […]

Unsure of exactly how to improve your health? I’ve got you covered. Read on to discover five strategies to keep your heart and your habits strong.  The first step in nourishing our bodies and ourselves is to listen to our inner guide. When we pay attention to the messages that our bodies are sending us, […]

Written by HealthKick partner Bach&Forth As a society, we’ve been trained to achieve, improve, and set goals at the start of the new year. In some ways, this can be an exciting time, an opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate. In other ways, it can be daunting, overwhelming, and induce feelings of failure […]