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What inspired you to start Realm? We were struggling to eat well on busy days — coffee-only breakfasts, unhealthy snacking, skipped meals while we were rushed to meetings and stuck on conference calls (and now zoom calls). Frankly, I just couldn’t eat another boring protein bar or fuel my body with empty calories anymore. So […]

It’s easy to make a fitness resolution on New Year’s Eve; the challenge is putting it into practice and sticking with it for the long-term. Here are 5 simple ways to turn those fitness goals into a reality—not just for January, but throughout 2021 and beyond. Find Your Why – A fitness resolution is rarely […]

From the HealthKick family to you, here some tips on how we stay happy and healthy over the holidays. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Think differently about food: Don’t think it’s “now or never” when it comes to holiday food. Let yourself have the mashed potatoes, turkey or pumpkin pie but also […]

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite delicious and healthy recipes from our HealthKick partners, for all your Thanksgiving celebrations!