Nourish 02/ 18/ 2021

Q&A with Realm Co-Founder Lauren Benbassat

What inspired you to start Realm?

We were struggling to eat well on busy days — coffee-only breakfasts, unhealthy snacking, skipped meals while we were rushed to meetings and stuck on conference calls (and now zoom calls). Frankly, I just couldn’t eat another boring protein bar or fuel my body with empty calories anymore. So we created something new that made our lives easier and healthier — a nutrient-dense smoothie that could be made anywhere in seconds with just a shaker and water. 

Can you tell us about your ingredients and why you chose to exclude some things?

With the backing of nutritionists, dietitians, and holistic wellness experts, we had some serious requirements of what to avoid in our foods. Our products contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no dairy, no soy, no “natural flavoring” and are all non-gmo. Our smoothie blends are made from all real dried & finely crushed fruits, veggies, nuts, and plant proteins. We believe that through real foods and a plant-forward diet, we can truly feel incredible! 

What are the benefits of your 3-Day Real Food Reset?

Our 3-Day Reset was designed to boost hydration, healthy eating, and better habits. We don’t believe in quick-fix diets or cleanses that leave us depleted and wanting more. Our 3-Day Program empowers you to fuel your day with our nutrient-dense smoothies, paired with nutritionist-backed dinner recipes and educational tips. 

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If someone is new to Realm, what is the best Realm product to start with and why? 

A great way to get the most benefits out of our product and learn more about healthy eating is through our Real Food Reset Program — it comes with 10 smoothies, 3 dinner recipes, and daily emails with reminders and nutrition tips from experts! If you’re looking to just sample our flavors, we also offer a Sample Pack and Shaker bottle to try them all out. 

What advice would you give to someone struggling to find the time to be thoughtful about what they eat?

Often we feel overwhelmed by “healthy” eating and feel it has to be all or nothing! That’s not true — it’s about finding what works to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Starting with something simple makes it so much easier. Like a mug of warm water first thing in the morning (boosts hydration and jump starts digestion), or a smoothie for an afternoon pick-me-up when you may be craving sweets or unhealthy snacks, or an extra serving of veggies with dinner (I aim for half the plate of veg) — change your mindset to think of adding more colorful foods to your diet, rather than thinking of it as depleting. Every bite you take is love you are giving to yourself.

In case you missed our webinar with Realm on Empowering Your Health Through Food, check out the recording here!

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