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One of the fundamental shifts of the pandemic is employees’ increased reliance on and expectations of their employer for their health and wellbeing. In fact, 60% of employees say well-being support will be a top priority when they apply for their next job (HR Morning). Employers who are in step with what employees want from their health and wellness benefits will be at an advantage in what continues to be a tight labor market.

HealthKick’s newly released 2022 Wellness Benefits Trends Report report based on user behavior data from 2022, offers key insights into employee wellness behavior and trends and actionable takeaways on how employers can meet those needs through their wellness benefit strategy in 2023. 

We’ll cover:  

  • Key wellness trends from 2022
  • Employees’ mindset shifts toward personal wellbeing 
  • What this means for employer benefits strategy in 2023
  • Easy changes to meet employees needs now