Thrive 05/ 14/ 2020

Combat Stress with Caravan Wellness


In the spirit of our May Challenge, HealthKick’s newest partner, Caravan Wellness, shares  some quick and easy tips to combat stress and improve your wellbeing:

  1. Getting active releases endorphins – your feel-good neural chemicals – which can enhance your wellbeing, improve your mood, and decrease irritation. Do some daily pilates or a quick strength training and get those endorphins flowing!
    • Caravan class recommendations: 15 minute Full Body Pilates, Pylo and Cardio for Beginners
  2. Yoga involves controlled breathing and physical poses that connect the mind with the body. This can ease anxiety and release tension. From power vinyasa to mindful yoga, try out a flow that fits your needs and find peace (however short lived!).
    • Caravan class recommendations: Mindful Yoga Flow Sun Salutations, Vinyasa Yoga Caravan Flow
  3. Mediation quiets those chaotic thoughts that encourage everyday stress. This time of focused attention can create a state of relaxation, reduced negative emotions, and increased patience. If sitting on your mat and closing your eyes isn’t for you, there are many other types of meditative classes that have similar results!
    • Caravan class recommendations: Chanting for Clearing, Meditative Journaling, Meditation Guided Art

Try one of the recommended classes with a 30 day free trialfor HealthKick members, and let us know how you feel!

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