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Take your next Stryde with MyStryde coach, Erin Cairney

MYSTRYDE instructor, Erin Cairney, takes her love for running wherever she goes, especially in the studio. We caught up with Erin to find out how she designs the perfect class and stays injury free so she can keep training for her countless half and full marathons.


How do you create a class that caters to both beginners and experts?

For me, the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable when they walk into the tread room. It’s intimidating enough to try out a new studio (especially a running one) so I like the vibe to feel relaxed and fun! As soon as class starts I remind people that it’s “their time,” focus on what they can do and try not to think about what the person next to them is doing. Luckily at MYSTRYDE we have created a system that allows beginners and advanced people to do the exact same workout at their own pace. Whether you’re a first time runner or a multi-marathoner, you get the same strong feeling when you finish class because of our interval based workouts that take you through a balanced course that leaves you feeling challenged and accomplished!

What would be your best advice to those of us who have never tried a treadmill based class?

Show up with an open mind! So many times when I talk about MYSTRYDE to new people they are so intimidated when I use the word “treadmills.” I don’t blame them, it can be scary if you’ve had a bad experience. The way our classes are structured you don’t even need to be a runner to start out. All you have to do is try it, and not be afraid if you need to modify, walk a little more or stop when you need to. Our balanced workouts leave plenty of time for recoveries. Remember, we want you to love class and we want you to come back! So just show up with a positive attitude and I’ll guarantee you’ll be calling yourself a runner in no time!

Do you have any exercises you like to do to switch up your fitness routine?

I LOVE switching up my workouts and I have a few things I like to do! I’m almost always training for something whether it be a half or full marathon so it’s important I keep myself motivated as I head into each week. I’m a huge fan of quick HIIT workouts or tabata style classes that allow me to push myself through short bursts of time, but also fit in my strength training. Since I’m usually pressed for time I like the workout to be shorter, but I need to feel that deep burn to know that I’m really toning and strengthening those muscles that help me log strong/solid miles on the road. I also teach spin at Recycle Studio and that has been a great alternative to pounding the pavement. It has certainly helped keep me injury free. Always switch it up!

What’s your best fitness tip?

Listen to your body! If something feels off, STOP and assess. There’s always a way to modify things so you can stay healthy and strong. There’s nothing worse than having to bring your active lifestyle to a halt because you didn’t give your body enough time to recover or rest. Just be aware and smart about it- you’ll be happy you did!


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