Nourish 02/ 13/ 2018

Find Out How Trainer, Erin Nelson Keeps a Healthy Balance!

This week we caught up with SWERVE instructor, Erin Nelson, to find out she is treating herself this Valentine’s Day and where she will be escaping in NYC for some quiet time.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans this year? Staycation! I’m going off the grid to an undisclosed location in NYC for two nights. Best treat for any New Yorker during the frigid winter months, especially if you can’t escape to a beach.

What Valentine’s Day candy is it impossible for you to stay away from? Red Hots will be my forever favorite, especially when they’re shaped like hearts.

What are the best workouts for a couple or two best friends to do together? What workouts/exercises are the best for bonding with your crush or bestie?

Obviously, I’m going to throw SWERVE in the mix immediately. It’s indoor cycling with teams, so you can ride on the same team and work together to win the race or compete against each other on different teams. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?Switch Playground pairs people up. Each couple moves around to 20 different stations performing various strength & cardio exercises. The environment is one you’ll never forget! So fun & is over before you know it! Yoga is a great option for couples. It allows you to feel centered and open. Perfect pre-brunch burn on the weekends. Plethora of options in the City, but my favorite is Modo Yoga in the Village.

How do you recommend people stay focused on their fitness goals during the month of chocolate hearts?
Honesty & Grace. You have to be really honest with yourself about what you want to accomplish. Write it down. Things are much more concrete when we have to articulate them into words. THEN share it with someone. Find someone to help hold you accountable to your goals. Make sure that person is someone who will be honest with you, and will help keep you on track. And grace, when you allow that bite of chocolate or glass of wine or entire pizza 😉 Know that you’ve made that choice and it doesn’t eliminate all the work you’ve already done. Own it. Accept it. Move past it.

How have you noticed working out together affects people’s love lives?

I used to teach a very early morning SWERVE Ride that I unofficially dubbed the “couples ride” because so many people showed up with their partner. I think its an awesome way to start the day with your significant other. On the flip side, I’ve noticed couples that meet up after work and sweat together. You connect with each other & you connect with your own body. Plus, it’s sexy to see your partner working hard in a class.

Because Feb. 14 can also be about self-love, what wellness activity (massage, facial, etc) would you most likely treat yourself to for Valentine’s Day?
 I’ve been dying to try cryotherapy and/or infrared treatment. I’m from Texas so heat is my preference, but so many of my colleagues in the fitness industry swear by cryotherapy.
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