Sweat 03/ 2/ 2018

Find out how Master Cycologist, Elena Koshivaki received her title

Kick off March the right way! It’s time to start spring-cleaning, making your March Madness bracket and, more importantly, get back on your workout schedule after a winter slump! We spoke with Cyc instructor,  Elena Koshivaki, this week to hear about her experience as a cycologist, how she continues to push herself in the gym, her March Madness pick and more!


What made you decide to become an instructor?

I became a trainer because I was so passionate about helping other people find and create fitness goals. I think sending positive and healthy motivation to someone just starting out in their fitness journey is crucial for success.

Does your fitness routine change once it (finally) starts to get warmer outside?

When the weather gets nice I most certainly will spend more time outside going for jogs and utilizing the parks for my workouts.

After being active for so many years, how do you continue to challenge yourself in the gym?

There are so many workouts and moves you can do, so just constantly switching up your routine is crucial for progress. I do a lot of spin and that’s all cardio, so anytime I hit up a work out that’s full body, it instantly helps.

Whether they know it or not, do your trainees ever help you learn something new during a session?

Oh my god my riders are always helping me learn more every single day. I don’t go into class knowing what I’m going to say or really what I’m gonna do, I I look at who’s there and what they might need in this exact moment. Also what I might need is something that someone else might need. I have a lot of realizations in class. Lol

What is your favorite workout to do to switch up your routine?

My most favorite workout routine besides Cyc would be boxing.

What’s your most rewarding way to relax after a hard workout?

My most rewarding way to relax after work out will be an ice bath followed by some food and TV.

Who’s your pick to win it all this March Madness?

University of Kentucky!


You can follow Elena on Instagram @ekoshivaki


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