Nourish 02/ 8/ 2018

Find out how Katie Mitchell, trainer at Physique 57 balances eating candy and working out!

February 14th is just around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one or Galentine’s Day with your closest friend, there’s no better day to sweat it out with your crush or bestie. It’s undeniable that the endorphins you get from working out will put you in the right frame of mind for a holiday centered around love and appreciation. And focusing on your overall health and wellness means celebrating V-Day with some much deserved self-love. This week, we caught up with Katie Mitchell, a trainer at Physique 57, on why you should bring the heat to class this month.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans this year? 

I do! Unfortunately, my husband and I are both working on February 14th this year and so we cannot celebrate on the actual day, but we are going to travel out to the vineyard we got married at in Long Island shortly thereafter.  We are very excited to enjoy some time out of the city together, as well as some delicious wine!

What Valentine’s Day candy is it impossible for you to stay away from?

In addition to champagne (which I consider a candy!), anything dark chocolate is irresistible.

How do you recommend people stay focused on their fitness goals during the month of chocolate hearts?

For me, it’s all about balance.  I would rather treat myself to some chocolate hearts rather than deprive myself of enjoying a holiday treat.  Knowing that, I can take an extra fitness class, or watch what I eat a few days before and after Valentine’s Day, to account for it!

What are the best workouts for a couple or two best friends to do together? What workouts/exercises are the best for bonding with your crush or bestie?

I love my Physique 57 classes!  They are a perfect combination of strength training, cardio and stretch to help create long, lean and healthy muscles.  Not only are you burning calories during the hour that you are physically working out because of the way we overload the muscles, the after-burn keeps your metabolic rate revved up and your body burning calories for the next 72 hours! Bring on the Valentines Day treats!  Also, I love how workout buddies keep you on track.  There’s nothing better than a friend who’s on the same fitness journey helping keep you committed to that class you swore you’d fit in to your busy schedule.

How have you noticed working out together affects people’s love lives?

Taking time out of a busy day to treat yourself to a workout is so empowering.  What better way to bond with your loved one than to share that experience together. I find this to be the case even if you do separate workouts- the fact remains that the two of you took time to fit in that workout. That will only serve to make you a happier, more confident and better partner.

Because Feb. 14 is also about self-love, what wellness activity (massage, facial, etc) would you most likely treat yourself to for Valentine’s Day?

I will 100% treat myself to some shade of red manicure and pedicure for Valentine’s Day!


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