11/ 17/ 2017

Meet HealthKick Ambassador Alexa Lippman

Euphebe Challenge Part III: Meet HealthKick Ambassador Alexa Lippman

If this is your first post about the Euphebe Challenge, let’s get you up to speed. If you haven’t had the chance, check out what Allison Field and Hannah Friedland had to say in our last posts.

Today, we get to chat with Alexa Lippman from Paintzen on her experience with the challenge and favorite ways to stay healthy:

Alexa Lippman

What were your eating habits before/during/ and after the Euphebe Challenge? 

I tend to eat pretty healthy, so my eating habits remained the same during and after the challenge. However, the challenge definitely allowed me to incorporate new plant-based, whole foods into my meals. It was definitely nice to switch it up from boring green salads to more exciting lunches like lentil, sweet potato, kale salads, which actually felt more filling and nutritious than the basic salads I was eating before. Plus, I loved having a set menu, and didn’t have to debate over what I should eat for lunch or dinner that day. I already had healthy meals prepared for me and that convenience factor can’t be beat.

What’s the hardest part of eating healthy for you? The easiest? 

The hardest part of eating healthy is trying to find new and different things to eat. Although I love my smoothies, oatmeal and eggs in the morning, sometimes I just crave something different, yet still nutritious. Finding different foods to eat, while remaining on a budget, can be daunting. The easiest part of eating healthy for me is that I do enjoy the healthy stuff. I don’t tend to crave pizza and cookies, I’m very happy with an apple and peanut butter, or a big smoothie bowl in the morning. So for me, eating healthy never feels forced.

When do you fit workouts into your schedule and what’s your favorite type of workout?

For the most part, I workout after work. I always bring my gym bag with me to the office, so I can go straight to a workout class, before heading home. Sometimes, I will squeeze in a workout before work, if I know I can’t make it later that day. A morning workout does start my day off on a great note, so I will do that once in a while. But for the most part, I prefer to sleep in a little and workout in the early evening. My favorite type of workout is anything cardio related, specifically dance cardio, or a HIIT workout. I like to stay moving the whole time and leave feeling super sweaty and accomplished. On days when I really need a stretch, I love going to a hot yoga class.

Are there any other HealthKick brands that have helped you stay on track?’

I love studios like AKT in Motion (hence, the dance cardio), and Yoga Vida (hence, the hot yoga). I love to get a good balance of high intensity cardio, mixed with some yoga flows and stretching.

Which other HealthKick brands are your favorite? 

Inscape is a great way to meditate and get away from the craziness of this city, because hey, we all need our down time, right? It’s nice to have a safe place to escape (or should I say, inscape) too when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. I also enjoy using PRIV to treat myself to a manicure, or a blowout, because who doesn’t love a good discount on those beauty services?

Follow Alexa on her blog Fit for Free or on Instagram at @fitforfreenyc.

This post was written by Andrew K who can be found at his desk at the Desk Job Life.

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