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Euphebe Challenge: Meet HealthKick Ambassador Allison Field

Eat well, look great, and feel better. So easy, right?

Except when you’re at your office and there are free snacks, or someone brings in some goodies that everyone goes for (you know you have to have one!). Or when you go out for lunch and you don’t get the healthiest thing on the menu.

Even worse, your colleagues and friends go out for the occasional (or frequent), happy hour. Yep, a couple of drinks here, a couple of drinks there, and then all of a sudden it’s like …

So yea, everyone wants to eat well, look great, and feel better. But let’s face it, we’re all addicted to crappy food. HealthKick partner, Euphebe, a plant based meal program and coaching company, wants to change that with their mission to “Change the way America Eats.”

This month, three HealthKick ambassadors took the challenge to cut the crap and focus on eating clean, plant based foods by committing to a week of the Euphebe program.

The goal? You guessed it. Eat well, look great, and feel better.

So, how did they fare?  Let’s take a glimpse into some of HealthKick ambassadors’ favorite ways to stay healthy and their experience with the Euphebe Challenge.

Meet HealthKick Ambassador Allison Field from NBC Universal:

Allison Field

What were your eating habits before/during/ and after the Euphebe Challenge? 

I never set a restrictive diet for myself, but always try to eat as clean as possible. During the Euphebe Challenge I felt so energized and realized that cutting meat from my diet and focusing on plant based protein works really well for my body. The challenge inspired me to listen to what my body wants and I now find myself eating a vegetarian diet consistently.

What’s the hardest part of eating healthy for you? The easiest? 

The hardest part of eating healthy for me is getting access to fresh produce. As a New Yorker, I am always on the go and convenient quick lunches are not always as green as I would like them to be. The easiest part of eating well is knowing how good I feel when I stick to the right portions and a balanced plate!

When do you fit workouts into your schedule and what’s your favorite type of workout?

I like to stay very active! I am currently completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I workout every other day to give my body time to rest and switch between cardio and strength. Yoga is absolutely my favorite way to get the energy and blood flowing in my body. I am also an avid hiker!

Are there any other HealthKick brands that have helped you stay on track?’

HealthKick offers such a variety of different classes and studios to choose from. I learned to take the fear out of my workouts and group fitness classes. If I love one class, I will attend another. If I don’t, there is no pressure to continue it as my workout!

Which other HealthKick brands are your favorite? 

I love Zog Sports and had an absolute blast on a kickball team! It is a great way to meet new people and stay active. Why meet someone for a drink after work when you could go play a fun game of kickball?!

Follow Allison on Instagram at @sunfieldwellness.

This post was written for HealthKick by Andrew Kobylarz who can be found at his desk at the Desk Job Life.

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