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Meet HealthKick Ambassador Hannah Friedland

Euphebe Challenge Part II: Meet HealthKick Ambassador Hannah Friedland

Let’s face it, we all cave in sometimes to snacks at the office, lunches out, or get lured into happy hours.

Last week, we had the opportunity to meet Allison Field from NBC who rose to the Euphebe Challenge to eat plant based foods for 6 days straight. If you didn’t check out her favorite ways to stay healthy, you can here.

This week, we get to meet HealthKick Ambassador Hannah Friedland from Warner Brothers. Let’s check out her favorite ways to say healthy and her experience with the Euphebe challenge.

Meet Hannah Friedland

Hannah Friedlandskiing

What were your eating habits before/during/ and after the Euphebe Challenge? 

Overeating! I always gave myself too big of portions. Doing the Euphebe Challenge helped me stick to the pre-planned portions. It also opened my eyes to many foods I could make myself.

What’s the hardest part of eating healthy for you? The easiest? 

The hardest part of eating healthy is making the food and figuring out what is unhealthy in my diet. Doing this challenge made me realize what I can cut out of my diet. The easiest part is fully committing to eating healthy and following it once you get into a routine. Feeling good rocks, so it’s a no brainer!

When do you fit workouts into your schedule and what’s your favorite type of workout?

I workout every morning before work. It truly starts my day off and wakes me up. I feel tired and lethargic at my desk if I don’t workout- that within itself motivates me. My favorite type of workout is a great class taught by a motivating teacher. Weights, abs, you name, it I love it!

Are there any other HealthKick brands that have helped you stay on track?’

The amazing class promotions that HealthKick offers help me stay on track and introduce me to new studios in NYC. Treating yourself to a great gym class feels good.

Which other HealthKick brands are your favorite? 

FHITTING ROOM! All day everyday!

Follow Hannah on Instagram at @hinnyd.

This post was written by Andrew Kobylarz who can be found at his desk at the Desk Job Life.


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