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Spring Shape Up: New Activewear, New Workout Routine, New YOU


Spring Cleaning

April showers and the tease of warmer weather days can only mean one thing…spring is in full swing! With summer just around the corner, we’re in spring cleaning mode. At HealthKick, “spring cleaning” doesn’t stop at your closet. Wardrobe, bathroom, skin, digestion, no stone left unturned. Not sure where to start?  We’ve got you covered with some tips to kick your spring cleaning into high gear- what we hope will become an annual ritual to lay the groundwork for the sunniest seasons of the year: body, mind, spirit.

And to kick that off, we’ve partnered with SHAPE activewear and CorePower Yoga to bring you a full reset for Summer! Enter our contest to win a $150 gift card to SHAPE activewear and a free month of unlimited membership to CorePower Yoga (in NYC + SF). Enter HERE before May 10.

Further, we wanted to share some ideas for an advanced spring clean – what we hope will become an annual ritual to lay the groundwork for the sunniest seasons of the year: body, mind, spirit.

Your Space

We like to say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but what’s outside counts, too – like the dust under your nightstand or the centuries-old bag of frozen mixed berries from Costco in your fridge. Dust, spray, wipe, toss and shine up your space. If you need a helping hand, our partner Spruce & Co can help you start by cleaning off that germ-y phone.

Your Mind

Clearing your home, your gear and your routines will give a sense of clarity on its own. But why not take those clear vibes and direct them with guided meditations from programs like Mindfresh TV, apps like Headspace or a ‘Deep Rest’ class at a studio like Inscape to help reduce stress and re-energize. Don’t forget that HealthKick members get special rates at these partners.

Spa Night

Need help getting rid of all of last year’s samples? Use the last bits of sample scrubs, serums, face masks and scrape the bottom of that body butter or hair product jar to treat yourself to  a DIY spa night while de-cluttering your bathroom cabinet. Pair it with some antioxidants (aka a glass of your favorite red) and show yourself some love after a long week.

Wardrobe Refresh

You know those stretched out yoga pants and lucky (now smelly) t-shirt from that marathon you ran five years ago? Out with the old and in with the new. Time for a workout wardrobe refresh. Enter our Spring sweepstakes to win $150 credit to SHAPE activewear. Or use your exclusive HealthKick rate at Rhone for quick-drying, odor fighting men’s activewear. 

Ditch the Old Meds and Vitamins

That ancient Advil-mini will be no good in your carry-on next time your head starts throbbing from flight delays or chatty seatmates. Ditto that bottle of Melatonin that’s so past its prime its expiration date has disappeared. Toss and re-up on meds like ibuprofen and allergy meds, and don’t forget key vitamins like the daily pack from Care/Of and WellPath.

Streamline your Grooming Routine

Combine what you need/use/love and ditch the rest. Ladies, this means colors that aren’t exactly right, mascaras that were pricey but are now cakey, paraben-filled gifts you haven’t touched – all gone. Gents, gel has no place in 2017 – it belongs with the aftershave from your old flame – in the bin. Once you’ve streamlined and taken stock, replace only the essentials with good-for-you products from brands like Beautycounter or Tulip online or Cap Beauty.

Sweat it Out

It’s all about that cell turnover. If it’s not already a part of your weekly wellness practice, dive into a hot yoga class at CorePower Yoga by entering our sweepstakes for some sweaty Vinyasa. If yoga isn’t your thing, try other sweaty practices like indoor cycling at Peloton or even a simple sauna. However you can get your skin to work harder to pump blood to its surface, you are getting out with the old and in with the new.

Clean up Your Guts

Shelve the comfort food and hit the refresh button on your diet, so you can enter summer feeling lighter and brighter (yes, your skin will be glowing!)  Stock up on farmer markets’ freshest from OurHarvest and Good Eggs or go a bit deeper for a period of time that feels good to you to welcome the spring season with a gentle cleanse. Any degree of cleansing is great, from a half day of juices at Project Juice to lunches for the week with Splendid Spoon to 14 Days of the Clean Program or reading through I.AM.YOU / RETOX.

Once you’ve successfully de-cluttered, treat yourself to a few minutes to a few hours of self-love with our handy guide.

And don’t forget to ENTER the Spring Reset Contest before May 10 for the chance to win your prizes from SHAPE activewear and CorePower Yoga.

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