Thrive 03/ 17/ 2017

Stay Calm and Carry On

It’s madness…March Madness, that is.  Whether you’re on the edge of your seat this month watching the NCAA duke it out while competing in your office pool, or your body is thrown off by the rude awakening that yes, winter is, in fact, very much still here…we’ve got you hooked up with expert tips to stay calm and carry on.  

We’ve tapped two of our favorite stress-busting experts – the team at 305 Fitness and New York celebrity trainer at Crossfit SOLACE Kenny Satucci – to share their “Sweet 16” solutions to keeping your stress in check this month.

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Kenny Santucci’s Line-up

  1. Turkish bath house for a sauna, steam and cold plunge! In that order. There is nothing better.
  2. Acupuncture: Some don’t like the pain or have the patience, but for me it’s a necessity 1-3 times per month. I often fall asleep with needles sticking out of me because it relaxes me so much. I wake up a new man!
  3. Dry needling: A quicker, easy version of acupuncture when you don’t have the time and you don’t mind the pain.
  4. Massage: I prefer deep tissue, but most days any kind will work! Check out HealthKick perks at Zeel for in-home massages.
  5. Power naps: 15-20 minutes of shutting down the engine in the middle of the day is a must when you are up at 5am.
  6. Cupping: I’ve only done it a few times. But it hurts so good.
  7. Cold showers: I try to take a cold shower every morning to wake up my nervous system. It feels like hell but I’m always happy I did it. It’s a great start to my day.
  8. Good old fashion love making: What needs to be said. I promise you will enjoy it.

Team 305’s Line-up


  1. Foot rub: Massages are great but can be expensive! Many nail salons have less expensive options for just a foot rub, which includes calves as well as feet. We love them after a day of working out, and bonus points for being able to catch up with your mama on the phone at the same time!
  2. Flexibility class: If you’re not crazy about yoga, flexibility classes give that good stretch with a different and less spiritual intention. While the spiritual component of yoga is healthful in many ways, flexibility classes are entirely focused on the physical body, which goes a long way during recovery.
  3. Vanilla soy latte: Despite appearances, not all fitness professionals are pumped to wake up at the crack of dawn to work out. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to a little caffeine.
  4. Hydrate: Feeling sluggish after a long day of work or working out first thing in the morning? Water is the number one way to stay focused. Plus, often times when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty. So chug chug chug. We recommend keeping a large bottle of water on your desk and setting reminders to drink a cup every hour.
  5. Loving your workout: Instead of doing the exercise that you *think* is the most effective, pick the one that you love. The workout that you look forward to is the one you will stick to. And that is ultimately what will burn the most calories. If you hate running, then stop! If it’s more realistic for you to walk at a fast pace or do yoga or dance, then do that instead.
  6. Pre/post-workout snack: 30 minutes pre and post-workout, fuel up with some carbs. Half a banana, a spoonful of honey, a slice of toast. Your body needs sugar because that’s what it stores in your muscles as instant energy sources.
  7. Warm up: even if it’s just for two minutes, some light stretching goes a long way and may prevent injury or sprain.
  8. Get sleep: If you’re skipping hours of sleep to squeeze in your workout, think again. Hormones produced in sleep are super important to functions that control stress levels, metabolism, and hunger. It’s a better strategy to get much-needed sleep and skip your workout or dinner date when appropriate.


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