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Fifty Shades of Self-Care this February



No matter what your plans for celebrating on February 14 (Fifty Shades Darker for two,
“Galentine’s” Dinner with the ladies), remember that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Like all relationships, it requires constant care and check-ins. With the overwhelming focus on love and decadence for Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take these ideas of grand gestures in the name of love and apply them to self-care throughout the remainder of February.

At the HealthKick office we are doing just this – tapping some of our favorite wellness brand partners for positive self-decadence. We want to share the love with you and your company too…ALL year long, that is. That’s why HealthKick corporate members receive exclusive perks for these and HealthKick’s 100+ health and wellness brand partners.

Read on, and let us make you swoon…

  1. Get your Vitamin Game in Order – try Care/of’s personalized vitamin packs for chicly packaged and super clean vitamins and supplements
  2. Drink more water. Commit to drinking your weight in ounces of water each day.  
  3. Get a massage without stepping foot outside your apartment. We like to use our partner Zeel for a 60-minute Swedish session.
  4. Eat more greens. Have a big salad at least once per day, the rest of the month, and it will become a habit.  At HealthKick, we dig Dig Inn and Sweetgreen is our go-to.
  5. Eat those greens even when you’re rushing around or on the road. Our partner ALOHA makes yummy individually packed greens powders that can be added to water no matter how far you are from the nearest salad bar.
  6. Turn up the heat on your yoga practice. Especially when it’s chilly outside, a hot yoga class can be a great way to dial up your cardio and flexibility. Try CorePower Yoga C2 for a real sweat and C1 for beginners!
  7. Prepare a decadent dinner for one. Completely out of vegetables? If you need a little inspiration (or fully prepared foods delivered to your door), check out Hungryroot’s carrot noodles with tangy sriracha peanut and almond chickpea cookie dough.
  8. Get yourself the gift of a morning workout. If you need suggestions, just drop us a line. We have the best fitness partner studios in NY + SF.  This week, through Feb 19, new Physique 57 clients get 2 classes free!  Details here.
  9. That morning workout can even be a twenty minute walk to grab a morning tea or coffee and back. While you’re at it, tune into Headspace for a guided meditation to start your day off right.  10-day free trial available for newbies.
  10. And don’t forget about a post-workout morning smoothie. Try out different smoothie combinations to discover new favorite flavors. For some expert help, try Greenblender’s smoothie subscription. Need to take the smoothie on the go? Check out SANS bottle to keep it as fresh as from the Vitamix! 
  11. Switch out your morning coffee for an antioxidant-packed matcha latte or for an adaptogen-based latte like turmeric.
  12. Explore a new indoor workout, even if you normally swear by sweating in the great (urban) outdoors. Check our tips here.
  13. Replace your nightly glass of wine for a glass of kombucha once or twice per week. We heart Health-Ade.
  14. Have a date night with coconut oil – cover your body, face and hair in the good stuff and then make a coconut-inspired dinner for one like a coconut curry with zoodles.
  15. Splurge on one of New York’s trend-setting fitness classes. Pop a friend’s SLT cherry by bringing them in for free this Valentine’s week. Or if you’re new to SLT, receive your first two classes for $40 with HealthKick. Details here. 
  16. Treat your feet to a massage dedicated entirely to them. Sometimes we forget how much work they do.
  17. But your hands could probably use some love, too, so take them out for a nice mani.
  18. Along with that mani, get a Friday morning blowout, without the stress of getting to the salon, by using an on-demand beauty booking app like PRIV.
  19. Give your skin a facial’s facial with a hydrating OxyTrio treatment or Power Peel at Skin Spa New York
  20. If you’ve never tried it before, give wellness coaching a go to develop a positive personal narrative. We recommend Kayleigh Pleas.
  21. Spice it up in the kitchen. Learn a new trick or two with the help of a gourmet meal kit service like Blue Apron.
  22. While you’re at it, clean up your spice drawer to make sure all is still fresh and that you have plenty of good-for-you herbs on hand.
  23. And give your fridge the same treatment – remove anything that won’t help on your wellness path and replace it with healthier versions that inspire you.
  24. Think about your beauty from the inside out by trying skin and hair supporting supplements, like those included in the new beauty pack by WellPath.
  25. Send yourself flowers. Or just grab a bouquet on the way into Trader Joe’s.
  26. Workout in your underwear, in the comfort of your own home, using a streaming fitness service like Grokker. Bye, inhibitions.
  27. Pack yourself healthy lunches using your favorites healthy flavors, or in a pinch order up from healthy delivery services like Munchery.
  28. Get a fitness form tune up from a personal trainer. Find one you love at your gym, or ditch the membership fees and connect with one who aligns with your goals at FYT.
  29. Organize your fitness apparel drawer, out with the old and everything else in its place.
  30. And treat yourself to a new piece of gear, you deserve it. No excuses, use your special HealthKick perks at great brands like Lole, JUJA Activewear and Rhone.
  31. Have a dance party for one in your living room.
  32. Think about your favorite cocktail. Now Google how to make it lower in sugar and better for you.
  33. Make meditation a priority. The Path in New York offers great classes for beginners and those who want to deepen an existing practice.
  34. If you’re not in the city, explore the world of digital mindfulness via the many apps out there. Find one you love and commit to meditating each morning for at least five minutes for one week. Our newest favorite is Inscape.
  35. Scrub that winter skin. DIY a sugar scrub at home, or take yourself out to a Korean spa for a thorough exfoliation.
  36. After, draw a bath and luxuriate in your favorite essential oils.
  37. Hit the stairs. They are awesome for your tush, cardio system and getting some fresh air. Bonus: they’re free.
  38. Clear your voicemail queue.
  39. If you’re already a spin pro, take your resistance to the next level with an underwater cycling class at Aqua Studio (only the bike is submerged).
  40. Reinvigorate your oral hygiene routine. Companies like Tulip are revolutionizing oral health with cutting edge toothpastes and brushes.
  41. Unsubscribe from any email newsletters that no longer serve you.
  42. While you’re online, book yourself a health-focused getaway to somewhere you’ve never been. For trip planning ideas, check out Escape to Shape.
  43. Unplug once per week, for at least an hour. No phone, computer, television.
  44. Journal, just the good stuff. Write down achievements, however small, compliments you may have heard throughout the day and challenges you’ve overcome.
  45. Stretch! Develop a stretching practice at home, at your desk, at the gym.
  46. Say ‘no’ to obligations that won’t inspire or help you on your journey. Your time is valuable.
  47. Same goes for social media accounts you currently follow. Remember, your time is valuable.
  48. Create a sanctuary at home for just you. You can use comfy pillows, artwork from a favorite trip, textures that calm.
  49. Take yourself out to a movie. 50 Shades or other.
  50. REGISTER your company for HealthKick and we’ll keep your self-love game strong today and everyday!
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