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How to Workout Indoors When It’s Freezing Outside

mhrc2Whether we’re running across the Brooklyn Bridge or HIIT’ing at a 6am bootcamp in McCarren Park, nothing makes us feel as strong and inspired as sweating it out against the backdrop of our glorious city. But come January, when we can barely take our glove off long enough to grab a morning latte on our way to work, what do we do?

We’ve asked the top trainers at some of our favorite indoor studios around town for their advice on how us outdoor fitness enthusiasts can move winter workouts inside, without having to become a branded t-shirt wearing, high-fiving group fitness buff or committing to a season’s worth of snoozy weight training routines.

Here are their top five ways to create adventurous indoor workouts and feel your best during the chilliest months.

Indoor Doesn’t Mean Traditional

JT Netterville at New York’s first golf-inspired fitness facility Drive Clubs tells us that, ‘While basic strength training will help strengthen and improve what you’re doing outside, there are some incredible ways to turn a gym into a fun indoor playground. Grab some cones, maybe some low hurdles and a medicine ball. All of a sudden, you have an engaging obstacle course that’s going to stimulate your workout, provide new challenges and give you something to look forward to even though you can’t head outside. If there’s a pullup bar accessible, or kettlebells or something else that challenges your stability, even better!’

Keep your Sweat Inside

JT also suggests to, ‘Not go outside sweaty after an indoor workout, and to make sure you shower and put on dry clothes. Supplementing with vitamin C, D, probiotics and even meditation and power naps can also support the immune system and keep it resilient when not used to working out in a group setting indoors.’

Make it a Game

Skyler Mosenthal, of the first team-inspired cycling studio Swerve Fitness says that, ‘If I’m looking for a solo workout on a treadmill or elliptical, I use the manual setting so I can make changes throughout the workout. Every two minutes I change the gradient, the speed, or a combination of the two. Generally, I aim for a seven minute warm up, 20 minutes of work and a  five minute cool down. Same for stationary bike: I play around with setting two-minutes goals for what RPM I can hold at a certain gear, the number of watts in  two minutes, or simply riding out of the saddle for two minutes.’

Hit the Pool

As a triathlete, Skyler also says that, ‘I get pumped about swimming during the winter, and try a different workout each time I swim (intervals, ladder workout, or tempo/endurance for the middle 30% of the distance). The post-swim steam room is always great motivation!’

Hibernating is Awesome for you

Skyler simply suggests that we take advantage of our natural instincts during the winter chill and ‘hibernate.’ ‘With less light outside, you may as well get some more rest. More sleep will help the body recover from your workouts and you’ll feel more energized and focused. Turning off devices as early in the evening as possible helps, too, so set an alarm for yourself an hour before you plan to go to bed to make sure you’re powering down.’

Misery Loves Company

Vinnie Miliano at Mile High Run Club suggests to, ‘Find a group fitness studio that is in line with your goals. Misery loves company! If you have a race on deck, take solace in the face that you’ll be getting a quality workout in a controlled environment. Just be sure to book early to get the best spot and stick to a schedule – remember that this time of year is when gyms and studios are most crowded.’

But Know When to Take a Day Off

Vinnie reminds us that, ‘If you’ve touched it, someone else has definitely touched it. Just like at the office, there will be that one person coming in sick just so they don’t miss a day. Be diligent with washing your hands and avoid touching your face between reps or when switching machines. If you’re the sick one, skip a day, or at least disinfect anything with which you may have made contact.’

Where to Go

If you’re ready to take your workout indoors, HealthKick is hosting complimentary classes and corporate challenges with fitness studios throughout NYC and SF through the end of January. Sign up HERE to participate! And, this week ONLY take advantage of classes at two of our favorites: Drive Clubs in NYC and Wheel House in SF.  Companies that bring in the most employees win group classes and special gifts!

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