04/ 21/ 2022

Refresh Your Morning: Morning Routines/Rituals

The alarm goes off, you’re comfy, all wrapped up in blankets, thoughts about all that you need to accomplish today creep up in your mind. You feel overwhelmed, so you hit the “snooze” button and roll over.

Now you’re running late and rushing into the day frazzled, without time for yourself.

Does this sound like you? Mornings can be hard, but they don’t necessarily have to be, they can be made easier and even enjoyable.

In a time when trying new things and variety are the norm, it’s not surprising many people view the idea of sticking to a routine as boring or unexciting. However, having a regular morning routine might be the key not only to a calmer morning, but to improved mental health throughout your day.

Various studies have shown that setting up routines filled with healthy habits is a great way to move more efficiently through your day while expending less mental energy and even willpower in the process. 

Hear from a few of our HealthKick partners and learn how they start their day to draw inspiration to create your own morning routine or ritual as we like to call it!

Lindsey Kaszuba Health

It’s true what they say; a morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. Creating a morning routine that feels good to you takes time and experimentation, so take small steps every day to find what resonates with you most and is realistic for your current lifestyle. 

As a busy mom of two young girls, my morning routine is my sacred space. It is my time to focus on myself and wake my body and mind to gain energy to tackle the day. 

Here’s what works for me. I wake a half-hour before the kids and roll straight from bed to my yoga mat for a 20-minute yoga/pilates flow. I take a big swig of water and have recently added a scoop of AG1 Athletic Greens to get a burst of nutrition first thing. We have breakfast together as a family, get the kids dressed and ready for school and while they play and dance (Encanto soundtrack on repeat over here) I quickly get myself ready. Then we load into the stroller for school drop-off. Once I’m home, I make a coffee or matcha (I love the Daily Harvest lattes). I meditate for 10-minutes before I start my workday and have recently added in a creative practice, which is essentially a 15-minute brain dump where I brainstorm new business ideas or jot down tasks for the day. Then it’s off to the races! 

– Lindsey Kaszuba, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

HealthKick Partners to add to your morning routine: a yoga flow with Yoga International or YogaWorks at Home


My morning routine is only 3 steps – 1) coffee, 2) movement and 3) reading – but I find that making time for just a few simple actions in the morning positively affects the rest of my day in a huge way. When I get up, the first thing I do is make coffee and begin to get my body moving. The intensity and duration of the movement changes from day to day – some days I move through a gentle stretching flow, other days I take a Barre or Sculpt class – but I always feel so much better and more focused after moving my body. Next, I take a few minutes to read something for pleasure. I love to read books and reserving just a few minutes to read a chapter or two in the morning helps me transition into the rest of my day. 

My morning routine is pretty simple, but has completely changed the way I look at mornings. I used to be a person who would snooze their alarm 10 times. I’d wait until the last possible second to get out of bed and then rush to get out of the door. When I lived right next to the subway, I could go from under my covers to standing on the platform in 15 minutes. It was chaotic – especially in the winter – I rarely made it out the door with both gloves. The beginning of the pandemic forced a lot of us to slow down, myself included. Once I slowed down, I began to have the time to create a morning that made me feel calm, more productive and happier. Now when life gets chaotic and busy, I rely on my morning routine to keep me grounded and set the tone for my day. 

– Gabby Muzzarelli, Founder of Formation

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Unsun Cosmetics

Once my eyes open I’m deciding whether to do my meditation in the bedroom or in the backyard! I have to start each day with meditation or everything feels off. Once I’m done with my meditation, I feed the dogs and shower. I’m not big on makeup so my skincare routine is really easy. I wash my face with Siyah Organics face wash and then apply the Goop Glow 20% vitamin C serum. I don’t usually moisturize since my sunscreen is so moisturizing, so, I finish up with that and if I’m feeling that I need a boost, I will add a bit of my highlighter to my sunscreen for a nice all-over glow! After skincare and dressing, I always make coffee at home, but no breakfast, and then head to the office. 

– Katonya Breaux, Founder, Unsun Cosmetics

HealthKick Partners to add to your morning routine: Aura Health or Calm for a morning meditation, Unsun Cosmetics Sunscreen, and skincare from Pretty Well Beauty

We hope you feel inspired to start or add to your existing morning ritual/routine. What’s your favorite part of your morning routine, let us know in the comments!

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