06/ 18/ 2021

Juneteenth Celebration: Meet the Founders

With Juneteenth coming up tomorrow, we wanted to use this space as an opportunity to amplify and celebrate a few of our clean beauty and skincare partners that are Black owned businesses.

To learn more about a few of the founders keep on reading!

1) What inspired you to start Pretty Well Beauty?

I was on a personal question to clean up my beauty routine and find brands that used only natural ingredients.  I struggled to find a one stop stop that met my super high standards of clean and sustainability as well as offered enough diversity across various touch points ( founders, prices, etc) so I decided to create it myself.
2) What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me is not just about what you feed yourself but also how you speak to yourself.  I always say, Beauty is an Inside job and that resonates with every aspect of your life.  Wellness also means not being hard on yourself for eating something “bad”.  Life is meant for the living, and sometimes that means you need to eat some sugar simply because it makes you happy.  Have your celery juice the next day!

3) Who inspires you?  

All the amazing women in my life who I see building from scratch just like I’m doing.  I’m so inspired to watch them grow and expand in ways they always talked about or dreamt of.  I am fortunate to have such a supportive community of likeminded people who remind me who I am whenever I forget.

1) What inspired you to start AcARRE? 

While working for a skin and hair care company, I was approached by a friend looking for a product that she could use on her scalp. At this time, my sister also came forward requesting a high-quality multi-use product for her face and scalp. These inquiries planted the seed for me to develop a product with multiple uses for skin and hair. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the decision to begin my own company was a natural one, and soon AcARRE™️ was formed. I enjoy brainstorming on innovative ideas that have a direct impact on consumers and the influence that drives those changes. Taking my aspirations to another level allows me to pursue my passion every day.

2) What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me is a balanced and healthy lifestyle. From meal prepping, to exercising regularly, yearly doctor visits and taking care of yourself mentally. All of this happening not only takes care of you but also takes care of everyone around you. 

3) Who inspires you?  

My son inspires me. His positive energy, he is always happy and easily makes friends. Nothing stops him from doing anything he hasn’t done before and that inspires me to keep going, not just for me but for him and my family as well.

1)What inspired you to start Liplove? 

I was inspired to start Liplove by my own clean beauty discovery process. Initially, I was really shocked at the lack of options and representation of women of color. Then, that grew into a desire to create a brand that is truly inclusive and makes all women from all walks of life feel comfortable and empowered in their skin. 

2) What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is truly a lifestyle, and happens from within. Everything that we do at Liplove and the way I live my life personally, honors that. Wellness looks like: prioritizing inner beauty more than outer, giving yourself grace, cultivating healthy habits and relationships, creating space for spiritual and mental growth, and so much more. Wellness, to me, is a commitment to growth and healing on every level: spiritually, mentally and physically. 

3) Who inspires you?

I am inspired by women who walk in truth and love, no matter what. Gratefully, I have had so many women throughout my life that have embodied that spirit and inspired me – starting with my grandmother, and now, too many others to name. I am also inspired every day by the women on my team (Liplove is 100% woman owned and operated!)

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We hope you enjoyed getting to know these awesome founders a little better and make sure to login to your HealthKick account to shop with them and show your support!

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