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Tips From Barry’s Trainer Isaiah


What’s your advice for people sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions after January?
My main piece of advice would be to ask yourself “WHY” you’re choosing to make a certain New Years Resolution. Without having a deep connection and understanding to why you’re deciding to change something in your life, you will be starting your journey on unstable ground. Ask yourself questions like:
WHY do I want to make this change?”
“If I make this change…. what will I look like? Feel like?”
“What people in my life will be positively affected by this change in me?”
“What are all the areas in my life that will be positively affected by this change?”
The reason why it is so important to establish the “WHY” first is because it makes the decision to change REAL! Often too many people focus on the “what” rather than the “why.” The “what” doesn’t matter as much as the “why”  because true long term change comes from a change in your thoughts and beliefs. Long term change cannot happen if you don’t truly believe it can. But if you can find a way to have a strong belief in yourself backed up by positive thoughts (ask questions like the ones I stated above), then the “what” doesn’t matter.  Your “why” will be so strong that you will find a way to accomplish your goal in any scenario and/or situation. 

What sets Barry’s apart from other fitness classes?
The family and culture is most definitely what sets us apart. The product and service we provide are truly the best out there but what really sets us apart is the community that we have built and the positive culture we have created in the studio. From management, to instructors, to front deskers, to our facilities team members, we all truly care about each and every one of our clients. Having a positive relationship with our clients outside of the Red Room (where the workout takes place) is something that we all value and love about our job. We often host events at the studio or at local restaurants as a way to build relationships with our clients. Barry’s is truly a place where everyone can feel safe, challenged, accepted, and loved by everyone at the studio.

What is your favorite part about class?
My favorite thing about class is the energy that can be created in the Red Room As an instructor, I am given the freedom to create my own programming (congruent with the set in stone days of the week) and my own playlist. This freedom allows me to create a contagious energy in the Red Room that is motivating and fun, and is truly my own.

What is your best advice to those who have never tried Barry’s?
Come in excited to have fun while trying something new. No matter what your ability level is or what kind of fitness shape you are in, I can promise you that there is a place for you here at Barry’s. Regardless if this is your first time working out in 2 years or if you’re an avid fitness connoisseur, I will always meet you where you’re at! I am trained to offer modifications if need be, but it is also my goal to challenge you so you can reach your goals. So come in excited, with an open mind, and ready to have fun and build lasting relationships! 

How can HealthKick Clients best prepare for a class at Barry’s?
The best way to prepare is to come in with excitement and an open mind. Everyone from management, to instructors, to front desk, will make sure you’re prepared before you step into the Red Room.

– Isaiah

Trainer from Barry’s in Houston, TX

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