Thrive 02/ 5/ 2020

Top 10 HealthKick Wellness Trends for 2020


  1. Wellness experiences: People are looking for more immersive wellness experiences, wellness retreats, festivals and challenges. One of our members’ favorite things about HealthKick is our monthly member experiences, like Barry’s Bootcamp, Corporate Fitness Challenges, and Wanderlust Yoga festivals.


  1. At home workouts: Whether that’s a fitness app, Peloton bikes or Mirror, which is a full-length fitness mirror that acts as a personal trainer, we predict that at home workouts will be huge! More than ever people are looking for convenience when it comes to staying fit. Check out HealthKick options like JETSWEAT, Yoga International, LiveKick, LIFT Session and Fhitting Room on Demand.


  1. Emotional Wellness: This year, we predict that more fitness classes and wellness treatments will incorporate mindfulness and emotional healing. Check out HealthKick brands like Calm, Ben Turshen, Talkspace and more!


  1. Focus on Recovery: Cryotherapy, sensory deprivation tanks, meditation, breathwork, stretching, acupuncture etc. Check out HealthKick brands like Chill Space NYC, Inscape, Lymbr, Racked, Skin Spa, WTHN and Area 25.


  1. Sleep Health: With sleep tracking apps, wearable tech devices and blue light blocking glasses sleep health is a topic people are concerned about. Check out HealthKick brands like Oura Ring and Dagsmejan sleepwear.


  1. More Plant Based: Plant based diets have been on the rise and we don’t see that changing anytime soon, more plant based meat alternatives will be popping up everywhere. From climate change awareness to more studies on cutting back on meat consumption it’s all about balance. Check out our partners like Hungryroot, Sakara Life, Sano, Plantable and Aloha.


  1. Functional Fitness Training: Functional Fitness is gaining popularity as people are more focused on performance and not muscle size. A functional workout is simply one that strengthens you in a particular way that directly translates to an activity outside the weight room. Check out our partners like Fhitting Room on Demand, F45 Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, Mile High Run Club, Tough Mudder Bootcamp and Shadowbox!


  1. Cold Workouts: More research is coming out that working out in colder temperatures is actually more beneficial than hot workouts. Be sure to check out Brrrn one of our partners in New York that is one of the first studios to incorporate cold workouts.


  1. Clean & Sustainable Beauty: Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the types of products they are using. Whether that be the ingredients they put on their bodies or what type of packaging companies are using. People are becoming conscious about reducing their ecological footprint. Check out HealthKick brands like Safe & Chic, Yuni Beauty and Aurora Beauty.

10. Wearable Tech: Wearable tech is still trending, from smart watches to sleep trackers we only foresee this trend increasing with even more innovative devices. Check out HealthKick partners like Oura Ring, Bellabeat and Sensoria Fitness.

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