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Finding Holiday Balance during the End of Year Crunch with Flywheel instructor, Jessica Forseth!

End of Year Crunch Time and Holiday Balance

Now that end of year festivities are in full swing, juggling December deadlines with holiday celebrations and staying on track with workouts is a REAL commitment.

To stay inspired to the finish line, we’ve asked Jessica Forseth, Flywheel’s Lead Instructor in the Bay Area, how she is staying in balance during this time. Read on for Jessica’s tips, tricks and grandmother-made favorite indulgences!  

Jessica Forseth, Flywheel Bay Area

Jess- Flywheel

Will you be in the studio and around this December?  

Yes! As the Lead for the Bay Area, I am around the studio almost every day and teaching throughout the week in all three of our locations.

How do you switch it up in class when it becomes holiday time? 

I always like to keep classes fun, fresh, and intense. I love our work hard, play hard philosophy, especially during the holidays – it’s all about balance! It’s fun to see people ready to put in extra work toward their goals, but I think the mental component is even more important during the holidays. While fun, this time of year can be very stressful, so I love using the stadium to help people not only get a good calorie burn in but also escape and find a little sanity/peace!

Anything going into this month’s playlist that we have to download?

I am currently (still) obsessed with every remix of “Rake It Up,” the new Yellow Claw song “Both of Us,” and anything G Eazy! Can’t promise I won’t throw in some holiday guilty pleasures, too – *NSYNC or Mariah, anyone?

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

I love the positive, festive, happy energy in the air. Whether it’s holiday parties, the music, or just white Christmas lights on palm trees, the energy is contagious. I also love the holiday parties – family, friends, and treats! The perfect trio.

What is the most challenging part?

The most challenging part is BALANCE. Finding time for all of the extra gatherings, work, added stress for gifts or traveling AND still finding time to take care of yourself and health can add a lot of unnecessary stress.

Any tips for our readers and Flywheel riders who might find it tough to make it to class in the middle of the holiday hustle?

Set your goals, create a plan and a schedule, and stick to it. Treat your classes and workouts like appointments – don’t flake on yourself! It is important to still find time for you. Find a few friends with similar goals and use your classes as a social hour to kill two birds with one stone. Also, remember it’s okay to say “no” and also okay to be flexible in your routine. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Most importantly, because we are all about balance, what are your favorite holiday indulgences?  

I have a major sweet tooth so my absolute favorite holiday indulgence is my grandma’s peanut butter balls. And all things peppermint! Give me all the peppermint bark and mocha, please.

You can follow Jess on Instagram @jessicaforth


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