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Recovering from Fried Turkey and Wine Country with Dailey Method’s Rachel Nixon

As we recover from the first big meal of the holiday season and prepare for many more, one of our favorite barre experts in San Francisco, Dailey Method’s Rachel Nixon, shares with us how she balances eating fried turkey and drinking Sonoma vino with her workouts. Read on for part three of our series on our Fall Corporate Fitness Challenge (read part one with Lindsay Stiegler of Orangetheory Fitness here, and part two with Shari Katz of Pure Barre here!):

Rachel Nixon, Dailey Method


What’s your favorite part of spending the holidays in Northern California?

I love heading up to Sonoma with my husband and puppy to spend time with our “California family.” My godparents and friends throw a heck of a celebration each year for Thanksgiving which I always look forward to. While we’re not blood-related, they’re truly family and their Thanksgivings have become a tradition for us since we do not have family in California.

How do you prepare for the disruption to your normal workout + nutrition routine?

I make it a priority to fit in my workouts leading up to holiday events. For instance I always look for a local Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving.  I check out schedules of local studios so I know my options ahead of time and can plan to pop over to a class before the days get busy.

What is your favorite holiday dish to make?

Cornbread dressing, and don’t you dare call it stuffing. My family is from Louisiana and we fry our turkey instead of baking it so there’s no such thing as stuffing at our table. If I don’t go home for the holidays, my mom sends me cornbread mix, as you can’t buy the right kind here in California. My holiday simply wouldn’t be complete without it.

How do you change up your fitness routine to accommodate for all of the extra treats, glasses of wine and late nights celebrating with friends and family?

While I make it a priority to fit in my workouts leading up to the holidays, I take celebration days themselves as a true vacation from routine and obligation. My body and soul always needs this time, and I believe it makes me a stronger teacher when I return to my classes. That being said, I always set a day where I promise myself to get back to my normal routine and plan that first workout or healthy dinner. Having an end date to the indulgence allows me to fully appreciate it.

What is your favorite part about the holidays?

Is it bad if I say the wine? Since we’re often in Sonoma, the wine is a huge part of the table, the food is almost secondary, and I definitely can’t complain about that. I also love chowing down and raising a glass with the people I love.

Any tips for Dailey Method members unsure of how to maintain a healthy routine during this time?

Plan your workouts ahead of time and you’re more likely to stick to them, but make sure the weekend includes time to slow down and take it all in. If you’re traveling, prioritize a class before leaving, then perhaps take a walk or run the morning of with a friend or family member. Finally, plan the day you are going to return to your workout and healthy eating routine so you can let loose over the long weekend. I know that if I plan to hit it hard again on Saturday, I can feel good about fully indulging Thursday and Friday.

You can follow Rachel on Instagram @rachnxn

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