07/ 21/ 2016

The new “sweatworking” craze is the ultimate multitask. Work.It.Out.

What if we told you that those two friends physique1pedaling on indoor bikes or heaving kettle bells next to you aren’t pals at all? Instead, it’s a job interview, or a business deal in the works.

In these hyper-scheduled times, the super-savvy are “sweatworking,” getting a workout in and connecting with colleagues and clients at the same time. Sayonara after-work drinks and stiff client dinners.

Intrigued? Here are 5 more great reasons to take up sweatworking:

  • It’s an ice-breaker. “It’s easier to start talking to someone over a workout” than traditional meet-ups like drinks, says Chelsea Kocis co-founder and COO at Swerve Fitness. “There’s a natural talking point in a workout – ‘that song was great,’ ‘how was the workout for you,’ that kind of thing.” Plus, “It gives you something to talk about with people in the office, when you might not have other things in common with them,” adds Kari Saitowitz, founder of The Fhitting Room.


  • You really get to know people. “There’s interaction in our classes, it breaks down barriers, levels the playing field,” Saitowitz says. “The most junior person on the team might be the most fit person, and you might never know that just from talking at work.” Also, “It’s challenging but super empowering. There’s a feeling of ‘we got this’ and ‘we accomplished something,’ which is so much more of a bonding experience than going out for a drink together,” says Jennifer Billet, vice president of marketing for Physique 57.
  • It’s healthier. “I work freelance from home, so I have little contact with people on a daily basis,” says Christine Gallary, food editor at large for The Kitchn. “Colleagues usually suggest meeting up for coffee. But you end up sitting down the whole time, and then I end up having a cookie or a pastry. I decided to start something new. So a colleague and I decided to meet over an urban hike. Conversation flowed really easily because we were moving, and it felt great because we got fresh air.” Notes Billet: “Everybody is so health-conscious these days. People don’t want to go out for a big meal or drink a lot. (Sweatworking) is a way to accomplish something healthy and interact with your client.”
  • It’s economical. Both Kocis and Saitowitz note that even at a hot boutique fitness studio, the price of a class and then a juice or smoothie afterwards is often less than the bill for a steak dinner or cocktails and nibbles at a swanky bar. For Gallary, holding a meeting over a walk or hike means “not spending a dime.”
  • It eliminates sneaking around. For job seekers, constantly having to come to work dressed in interview-appropriate attire and a regular stream of “dentist appointments” can get awkward. But no one looks at you funny when you leave for a lunchtime workout, or head out a few minutes early here and there to catch your favorite cycling class.

Ready to start? Here are a few tips for sweatworking like a pro:

  • Schedule talk time. “The key is making time to connect with the person that you’re going with,” Kocis notes. “Make sure you have time to grab a juice or something afterwards so you can talk more.” (Our post workout go-to: LuliTonix “Black Magic” Rejuvelixir? Made with activated charcoal— it flushes out toxins from the body, and not to mention, it’s a great conversation piece!)
  • Try it for groups. Sweatworking is great for that one-on-one connection, but it also fosters relationships among teams. Rent out a studio for a private class, or organize a group activity like a field day or a hike. “Our instructors use people’s names,” says Billet. “It’s nice because you get to know people’s names in a very organic way.”
  • Gauge fitness levels first. “Make sure the person you’re going with is really prepared for the class you’re taking them to,” Kocis advises. “Make sure they have the right level of fitness, and the comfort level with trying something new if a certain class is new to them.”
  • Let HealthKick hook you up. Looking for creative, active fun for your next client meeting or team building event? Mix it up and give sweatworking a “spin”!  We’ll take care of all the details, so all you have to do is lace up your sneaks and show up. Send us a line: [email protected] or submit below.


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