Turn Your Workout Into a Party With Samantha!

Looking to jumpstart your fitness routine this year? Find out how Samantha motivates herself to stick to her workout program and how she plans to stay consistent in 2019!


What is your New Year’s Resolution?
My New Years Resolution is to focus on myself and be consistent. Constantly remember that my journey is special and if I don’t honor the work I’ve put in I’ll never be able to appreciate where I’m going.

How were you able to stay healthy during the holidays?

The holidays can be stressful without the added stress of what my diet and exercise regimen are. That being said, I tried to stay as normal as possible. Indulging shouldn’t feel like it happens once a year. That’s when you go nuts at that one time. Instead, if you feel like the treats are just another sweet goody you can have if you want, you may actually turn it down. As far as moving, I tried my best to stay active. Simple as that. I did some core work and cardio here and there and will get back on track when I can.


What is your advice on treating yourself over the holidays?

Go for it, in moderation. I did! Know that your body doesn’t like the feeling of a ton of bad things inside of it and respect that.


What’s your advice for people looking to jumpstart their fitness/health routine in the new year?

My advice for the New Year New Me program is that it is a great source of motivation but make sure that you have a deeper purpose about your new found fitness journey. The more importance it carries beyond wanting to look good for a certain amount of time, the more likely you’ll be to stick to the new habits for life!
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Nika Antuanette’s Review on 305!

The class was fantastic last week. Ivy is a fun and fabulous lady, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class she taught.
In fact, I am going to take her Cardio Ass class this Friday! This past time, I took FLX, which focused on flexibility and stretching. It was great to getting into those hips and open up! We started with a little cardio and abs, so our furnace was heated from the inside out, and we were ready to get down and surrender to the stretches. 🙂
I would recommend this class if you are looking for something restorative with feel/good jams. Ivy played some fabulous music!
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Take your next Stryde with MyStryde coach, Erin Cairney

MYSTRYDE instructor, Erin Cairney, takes her love for running wherever she goes, especially in the studio. We caught up with Erin to find out how she designs the perfect class and stays injury free so she can keep training for her countless half and full marathons.


How do you create a class that caters to both beginners and experts?

For me, the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable when they walk into the tread room. It’s intimidating enough to try out a new studio (especially a running one) so I like the vibe to feel relaxed and fun! As soon as class starts I remind people that it’s “their time,” focus on what they can do and try not to think about what the person next to them is doing. Luckily at MYSTRYDE we have created a system that allows beginners and advanced people to do the exact same workout at their own pace. Whether you’re a first time runner or a multi-marathoner, you get the same strong feeling when you finish class because of our interval based workouts that take you through a balanced course that leaves you feeling challenged and accomplished!

What would be your best advice to those of us who have never tried a treadmill based class?

Show up with an open mind! So many times when I talk about MYSTRYDE to new people they are so intimidated when I use the word “treadmills.” I don’t blame them, it can be scary if you’ve had a bad experience. The way our classes are structured you don’t even need to be a runner to start out. All you have to do is try it, and not be afraid if you need to modify, walk a little more or stop when you need to. Our balanced workouts leave plenty of time for recoveries. Remember, we want you to love class and we want you to come back! So just show up with a positive attitude and I’ll guarantee you’ll be calling yourself a runner in no time!

Do you have any exercises you like to do to switch up your fitness routine?

I LOVE switching up my workouts and I have a few things I like to do! I’m almost always training for something whether it be a half or full marathon so it’s important I keep myself motivated as I head into each week. I’m a huge fan of quick HIIT workouts or tabata style classes that allow me to push myself through short bursts of time, but also fit in my strength training. Since I’m usually pressed for time I like the workout to be shorter, but I need to feel that deep burn to know that I’m really toning and strengthening those muscles that help me log strong/solid miles on the road. I also teach spin at Recycle Studio and that has been a great alternative to pounding the pavement. It has certainly helped keep me injury free. Always switch it up!

What’s your best fitness tip?

Listen to your body! If something feels off, STOP and assess. There’s always a way to modify things so you can stay healthy and strong. There’s nothing worse than having to bring your active lifestyle to a halt because you didn’t give your body enough time to recover or rest. Just be aware and smart about it- you’ll be happy you did!


It’s Time to Party with 305 Instructor Kelly Ingersoll!

This week we caught up 305 instructor Kelly Ingersoll! Find out how she releases her negative energy with some sweat and constantly keeps her clients twerking.

image1 (1)

How do you create a class that caters to both beginners and experts?

Luckily, ((305)) makes it fun for EVERYONE no matter if you’ve been taking class for years, or are brand new. When planning a class, I try to strike the balance of the two age old adages: “Fate favors the prepared,” and “How do you make God laugh? Make a plan.” (Insert “the universe” for “God” if that’s more your thing, I’m about it al! ✌). I go in with a plan, but if a class looks like they need a challenge, we can always kick it up a notch. If I notice people aren’t looking confident, we can always simplify dances! The best classes I take are when I feel like every challenge was attainable, but I still got my ass kicked. No two classes are the same; that’s one of the things that makes ((305)) so special!

What would be your best advice to those of us who have never tried a dance cardio class?

Let go of your inhibitions!” We have a live DJ and we’re air humping and twerking. There’s no room to take yourself seriously, just let go and dance like no one is watching. There are no mistakes, only solos!

Do you have any exercises you like to do to switch up your fitness routine?

Aside from ((305)), I like to take barre and yoga classes. I find that they are the complete opposite of ((305)). The contrast allows me to go inward, work on my strength (both physical and mental), and be at peace with where I’m at in the present moment.

What’s your best fitness tip?

Know your limits, respect them, then push them. Also, HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!! Drink so much water, and then drink more.

What’s the most rewarding part of working out for you?

The mental clarity! I’ve found that the best therapy for me is sweating out any negative energy I’m harboring. It truly lets it all go. I also find acknowledging the gratitude I feel that I can move my body grounds me and makes me want to share the love of movement with other people!

Get in the perfect fitness routine with Uforia rockstar, Ashley Capurro!

Uforia Studios’ Ashley Capurro caught up with us just in time for our San Fran Corporate Challenge! Ashley’s time with Uforia has helped her find a new confidence level and also allowed her to express herself in a whole new way. Find out how Ashley stays motivated to maintain her healthy regime while giving herself a little wiggle room once in a while, and sign up for the Corporate Challenge to join her for a class!


What’s your biggest motivation to get into shape?

I have a lot of motivating factors when it comes to getting in shape. My biggest ones are food and getting stronger. I LOVE food, and even though I eat clean 70% of the time, I work out and I work out hard! That way when I do want to indulge, whether it be for one meal or a whole weekend, I don’t beat myself up about it, nor do I regret a single thing I eat! It’s all about balance and rewarding yourself for hard work. Currently, I would say I am in the best shape of my life! And it feels great! I have noticed results in my body, but what excites me the most is when I notice how much stronger I am getting each week. I’m lifting heavier and I’m running sprints even faster, and I feel so accomplished! If you told me a year ago I could run a 12.5 speed (the max speed) on the treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp, I would have said, “You’re crazy. I’d be that girl flying off the treadmill!” Now, I’m sprinting at 12.5 with a huge smile on my face and wishing the max speed would go even faster!

How do you create new routines so your clients are always trying something new?

Coming up with new routines and new content is something I struggle with to be honest! I try to take as many classes as I can from other instructors to see what they are doing differently. Once I find new choreo or motivational phrases that I love and want to use, I will put my own Ashley flare to it!

What’s your favorite part about the warmer weather?

The warm weather means so many amazing things… Summer BBQs, working out outside, more vitamin D which helps so much with my mental health, and having a consistent tan! That sun-kissed tan always helps define those muscles a little bit more than usual, and who doesn’t love that?!

How did you figure out you wanted to become a trainer at Uforia?

As a kid, I used to perform in plays and talent shows, and I loved being in the spotlight! When I took Drea Garcia’s class for the first time back in November 2016, I was thinking, “Girl who are you, and how do I be like you?! Sign me up!” Drea actually trained me throughout my certification process. I suggest everyone take her class. It is killer, and SO fun!

What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?

On my days off from instructing, you can find me working out at Orangetheory with my mom, who is also one of my biggest motivations to stay in shape. She is almost 60, has a 6-pack, and totally could pass as my sister! When I’m not working out and taking a rest day, I sleep! My bed is my favorite place on the planet! You can also find me at Dolores Park covered in glitter and dancing in the sunshine with friends. I also enjoy going to concerts and music festivals all over the country. Music is my life, my saving grace… which is why I fell in love with Uforia in the first place!

If you had the choice, what would your go-to meal be?
My go to healthy meal is a quinoa bowl with grilled chicken, chopped garlic, tomatoes, avocado, arugula, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper! My go to cheat meal is pizza, with lots of ranch dressing! I’m not gonna lie, I eat a lot of pizza!
What’s the most rewarding part of working out for you?

The most rewarding thing about working out is noticing those physical, mental, and spiritual results. Once I see those little changes in my legs or tummy or jawline, it’s so easy to make kickass workouts part of my daily routine! I continuously see those awesome results. It’s a domino effect! And the mental results have been so empowering. I’ve always been a confident person but before I became an instructor, I was going through a rough phase in my life and my confidence was completely shot. Being an instructor has helped me gain my confidence back and help me discover this new confidence I never knew I had! I’m in love with who I am, I’ve fought to become her, and that is the best feeling! I have come a long way over the past 6 years, and I owe a lot of it to staying in shape, taking care of my body, and being a Uforia Revolutions Rockstar!

No BS, just Yoga with MOXIE

After a long July 4th week, the SF Corporate Challenge kicks off this week with MOXIE. We caught up with MOXIE fitness instructor Martine Hamers, to find out how she is constantly switching up her fitness routine and beating the heat this summer! Now’s your chance to sign up for the Challenged check out MOXIE this week.
What’s your biggest motivation to get into shape?
As a yoga teacher, I lead an active life, moving around constantly. Staying healthy and in shape is part of my daily routine, it’s ingrained in me. When I am not exercising I will notice immediately that my energy runs low and that my mind gets dull. Movement, staying in shape and being healthy just makes life so much better!
How do you create new routines, so your clients are always trying something new?
I like a challenge and I also like to challenge my clients. You’ll see similar poses return to my routines, but always with a twist to it. That way you get to experience the same pose, but from a different angle, different point of view. That teaches my clients to not be stale, to not go on auto-pilot and to be present with the practice. I usually pick a bigger pose or a body part I want to work on and sequence by calculating back what needs to be warmed-up, what muscles and body parts need to be ready to deal with a big(ger) challenge later.
What’s your favorite part about the warmer weather?
I am born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and weather in this country is very rainy, grey and often cold. About 6 years ago I decided to move to a warmer climate. I packed my bags and lived in Brasil for 2 years. The warmer climate there got me hooked. San Francisco is not as warm, but the sun is out every day and escaping the city to warmer areas is easy.
The best thing about this climate is that people spend a lot of time outside, making use of the beautiful nature surrounding this city and doing workouts outside everywhere. Warmer weather makes people more active, smile more and enjoy the outdoors.
How did you figure out you wanted to become a trainer at Moxie?
I like Moxie for it’s no BullShit just yoga attitude. Moxie to me is a different kind of studio, it already starts when you walk in, the interior is different – no clutter, beautiful wood furniture and clean look. I really appreciate that.
It also gave me the space, as a teacher, to teach a physically demanding class to my students, to let the yoga class be a work-out and to still have the experience and benefits of yoga; A stable heart-beat, steady breathing and a still mind.
What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?
I love to go hiking with my dog, to go dancing with my friends or to cook a feast for whoever wants to join!
If you had the choice, what would your go-to meal be?
It really depends on how much time I have to cook. But my quick, healthy, go-to meal would be a quinoa salad with fried onion, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, avocado, feta cheese, some olive oil and lemon juice.

Running into Summer with Coach Matt Meyer from Mile High Run Club

Run, don’t walk into the final week of the challenge. This week we caught up with MHRC Coach, Matt Meyer. Find out how he stays motivated to be in his best shape.


What’s your biggest motivation to get into shape?
I remember waking up one morning after a long night of bartending, walking into the bathroom and looking into the mirror. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what I saw, it was that I didn’t like where my life was. I felt like there was no direction and I was powerless over where things were going. Fast forward two years and now fitness is at the core of my life. For me, knowing that I have that power over my life again is the biggest motivation. Now when I wake up, I have goals and a roadmap of how I’m going to achieve them. Fitness and health are more than just tasks to check off in your day, it a viewpoint and a lifestyle.
How do you create new routines so your clients are always trying something new?
Well, I’m always my own best guinea pig. Since I get bored with repetitive workouts, and I know clients do too, I’m always trying out new routines on the treadmill, or reformatting my own outdoor workouts for class. I would never ask a client to do something that I’m not willing to do myself.
What’s your favorite part about the warmer weather?
Beach runs! Since all of my sports are outdoor (running, cycling and swimming), summer is the perfect time to train and the beach is the place you can get all three! You can catch me at least once a week either running or riding down the Rockaways.
How did you figure out you wanted to become a trainer at Mile High Run Club?
I was stuck downtown one day, waiting for meet a friend for a movie and I had time to wait. Opened up my phone to see what was around me, saw this place called Mile High Run Club and figured I’d give it a try. One class and I was hooked. The mix of the hard training and amazing music was incredible. I remember getting out of class and immediately calling my girlfriend, “Honey, I found the perfect place. I’m going to work there someday.
What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?
RECOVERY! Since I’m always on that New York grind while I’m working I take my recovery days seriously. Nothing like a morning yoga class, compression boots and relaxing in the park with my dog!
If you had the choice, what would your go-to meal be?
Oh that’s a tough one. I’m a breakfast guy. Bacon, eggs, home fries, avocado, grapefruit, toast and coffee. I think I could eat that every day.
What’s the most rewarding part of working out for you?

Knowing that you CAN do hard things! Its challenging while you’re in it, but once you’re done you can look back and see just how powerful you are. That feeling never gets old for me.