Monday Motivation at EverybodyFights

With Week 3 of the Corporate Challenge in full swing, we’ve got some Monday motivation to power you through the week, courtesy of Hernan Santa from EverybodyFights.


Will you be in the studio and around this December?

Santa is going to be around, especially since its December. Haha

How do you keep people focused in class when it becomes holiday time?

By switching up the programming of the classes week to week, so that they’re constantly being surprised and pushed to their limits. I also remind our students to set their intentions before class to earn that holiday feast that’s coming at the end of the month.

Anything going into this month’s playlist that we have to download?

Definitely tracks from Jada Kiss & Fabolous new album “Nightmare on Elm Street”

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

My favorite part of the holiday season is definitely the giving part. I also love that friends and family come together to eat, celebrate and contribute to putting smiles on each other’s faces.

What is the most challenging part?

There’s really no challenges for me in December, as a matter of fact. I find it to be the  easiest time of the year because it’s coming to an end and I get super excited about all of the beautiful things that are going to happen in the New Year!!!

Any tips for our readers and EverybodyFights clients who might find it tough to make it to class in the middle of the holiday hustle?

Yes!!! If you know that your mid-day and evenings are going to be busy and unpredictable make a sacrifice for the month and get your butt out of bed a little earlier then usual and come to morning classes, which start as early as 6am at EverybodyFights. Also if you know you’re going to go away towards the end of December and won’t be able to workout on vacation, then front load your training and get to the gym 5x a week rather than 3x.

Most importantly, because we are all about balance, what are your favorite holiday indulgences?

I just recently started eating Vegan (plant-based) @22daysnutrition 4 weeks ago and I have to say that the transformation that it has caused in me both mentally and physically has been amazing. I haven’t craved meat or sugars, which normally would’ve been my go to indulgences.

You can follow Hernan on Instagram @santa_iz_real


Finding Holiday Balance during the End of Year Crunch with Flywheel instructor, Jessica Forseth!

End of Year Crunch Time and Holiday Balance

Now that end of year festivities are in full swing, juggling December deadlines with holiday celebrations and staying on track with workouts is a REAL commitment.

To stay inspired to the finish line, we’ve asked Jessica Forseth, Flywheel’s Lead Instructor in the Bay Area, how she is staying in balance during this time. Read on for Jessica’s tips, tricks and grandmother-made favorite indulgences!  

Jessica Forseth, Flywheel Bay Area

Jess- Flywheel

Will you be in the studio and around this December?  

Yes! As the Lead for the Bay Area, I am around the studio almost every day and teaching throughout the week in all three of our locations.

How do you switch it up in class when it becomes holiday time? 

I always like to keep classes fun, fresh, and intense. I love our work hard, play hard philosophy, especially during the holidays – it’s all about balance! It’s fun to see people ready to put in extra work toward their goals, but I think the mental component is even more important during the holidays. While fun, this time of year can be very stressful, so I love using the stadium to help people not only get a good calorie burn in but also escape and find a little sanity/peace!

Anything going into this month’s playlist that we have to download?

I am currently (still) obsessed with every remix of “Rake It Up,” the new Yellow Claw song “Both of Us,” and anything G Eazy! Can’t promise I won’t throw in some holiday guilty pleasures, too – *NSYNC or Mariah, anyone?

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

I love the positive, festive, happy energy in the air. Whether it’s holiday parties, the music, or just white Christmas lights on palm trees, the energy is contagious. I also love the holiday parties – family, friends, and treats! The perfect trio.

What is the most challenging part?

The most challenging part is BALANCE. Finding time for all of the extra gatherings, work, added stress for gifts or traveling AND still finding time to take care of yourself and health can add a lot of unnecessary stress.

Any tips for our readers and Flywheel riders who might find it tough to make it to class in the middle of the holiday hustle?

Set your goals, create a plan and a schedule, and stick to it. Treat your classes and workouts like appointments – don’t flake on yourself! It is important to still find time for you. Find a few friends with similar goals and use your classes as a social hour to kill two birds with one stone. Also, remember it’s okay to say “no” and also okay to be flexible in your routine. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Most importantly, because we are all about balance, what are your favorite holiday indulgences?  

I have a major sweet tooth so my absolute favorite holiday indulgence is my grandma’s peanut butter balls. And all things peppermint! Give me all the peppermint bark and mocha, please.

You can follow Jess on Instagram @jessicaforth


Recovering from Fried Turkey and Wine Country with Dailey Method’s Rachel Nixon

As we recover from the first big meal of the holiday season and prepare for many more, one of our favorite barre experts in San Francisco, Dailey Method’s Rachel Nixon, shares with us how she balances eating fried turkey and drinking Sonoma vino with her workouts. Read on for part three of our series on our Fall Corporate Fitness Challenge (read part one with Lindsay Stiegler of Orangetheory Fitness here, and part two with Shari Katz of Pure Barre here!):

Rachel Nixon, Dailey Method


What’s your favorite part of spending the holidays in Northern California?

I love heading up to Sonoma with my husband and puppy to spend time with our “California family.” My godparents and friends throw a heck of a celebration each year for Thanksgiving which I always look forward to. While we’re not blood-related, they’re truly family and their Thanksgivings have become a tradition for us since we do not have family in California.

How do you prepare for the disruption to your normal workout + nutrition routine?

I make it a priority to fit in my workouts leading up to holiday events. For instance I always look for a local Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving.  I check out schedules of local studios so I know my options ahead of time and can plan to pop over to a class before the days get busy.

What is your favorite holiday dish to make?

Cornbread dressing, and don’t you dare call it stuffing. My family is from Louisiana and we fry our turkey instead of baking it so there’s no such thing as stuffing at our table. If I don’t go home for the holidays, my mom sends me cornbread mix, as you can’t buy the right kind here in California. My holiday simply wouldn’t be complete without it.

How do you change up your fitness routine to accommodate for all of the extra treats, glasses of wine and late nights celebrating with friends and family?

While I make it a priority to fit in my workouts leading up to the holidays, I take celebration days themselves as a true vacation from routine and obligation. My body and soul always needs this time, and I believe it makes me a stronger teacher when I return to my classes. That being said, I always set a day where I promise myself to get back to my normal routine and plan that first workout or healthy dinner. Having an end date to the indulgence allows me to fully appreciate it.

What is your favorite part about the holidays?

Is it bad if I say the wine? Since we’re often in Sonoma, the wine is a huge part of the table, the food is almost secondary, and I definitely can’t complain about that. I also love chowing down and raising a glass with the people I love.

Any tips for Dailey Method members unsure of how to maintain a healthy routine during this time?

Plan your workouts ahead of time and you’re more likely to stick to them, but make sure the weekend includes time to slow down and take it all in. If you’re traveling, prioritize a class before leaving, then perhaps take a walk or run the morning of with a friend or family member. Finally, plan the day you are going to return to your workout and healthy eating routine so you can let loose over the long weekend. I know that if I plan to hit it hard again on Saturday, I can feel good about fully indulging Thursday and Friday.

You can follow Rachel on Instagram @rachnxn

How to Stay Hydrated on Thanksgiving Day and a Pure Barre Apple Crisp

With one day left until we indulge in Thanksgiving festivities, we rounded up some holiday tips and tricks from HealthKick partner and Pure Barre New York instructor Shari Katz. Read on for part two of our series on our Fall Corporate Fitness Challenge (read part one with Lindsay Stiegler of Orangetheory Fitness here):

Shari Katz, Pure Barre New York:


Thanksgiving plans:

This year my husband and I (just married one month ago today!) are going to Maryland to spend time with my family, run in my aunt and uncle’s annual neighborhood 5K with our dog, Cozy, and eat ALL of the turkey and apple crisp.

How do you prepare for the disruption to your normal workout + nutrition routine?

I tell myself, as I do every year: don’t be hard on yourself on Thanksgiving! Eat that extra portion, have one more scoop of stuffing, you work so hard year round so it’s ok to indulge.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish to make?

Apple crisp! My secret ingredient is butterscotch chips– I add these bad boys to just about every baked good I make. (Note: we snagged the recipe, below!)

How do you change up your fitness routine to accommodate for all of the extra treats, glasses of wine and late nights celebrating with friends and family?

After Thanksgiving, I jump right back into my fitness schedule, incorporating a few more HIIT exercises into my routine to wake the metabolism back up.

Any tips for those unsure of how to maintain a healthy routine during this time?

It’s all about balance. If you know you’re going to go hog wild on Thanksgiving, then maybe add 30 more minutes to your workout routine on the days leading up and the days following. Also, make sure to keep the water coming. A lot of times, we confuse thirst for hunger! Before the big meal, have at least two big glasses of water. Throughout the night, for every glass of wine you consume, pair it with a glass of water.  Your body (and head) will thank you in the morning!

Shari’s famous apple crisp recipe:

6 granny smith apples
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp raw cane sugar

2 cups oats
1.5 cups light brown sugar
3/4 cup flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 sticks butter (room temp)
3/4 cup of butterscotch chips


  1. Assemble crumble in mixing bowl. Refrigerate.
  2. Peel and cube apples. Place in 9×13 Pyrex dish.
  3. Sprinkle lemon juice, cinnamon and cane sugar on apples and mix.
  4. Crumble the topping over the apples to make a layer.
  5. Bake at 375 F for 30 mins.
  6. Enjoy. Dare you to not go back for thirds.

Join Shari at Pure Barre during the Corporate Challenge from Nov 27- Dec 3 and win prizes for you and your company! Details HERE.

Follow Shari on Instagram at instagram: @shar_katz


Kill it this Thanksgiving with Smart Indulgences, a Little Extra HIIT and Mom’s Famous Cheesecake

Thanksgiving…filled with family, food and football, just a few of our favorite things…is all about comfort and indulgence. And hey, we deserve to treat ourselves to an extra slice of pie and some guilt-free couch time for the hard work we put into staying fit and eating healthy all year. But, we also know how easy it is for a cheat day to turn into 5 or a month long free-for-all, because that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for, right? 

That’s why, over the next four weeks, in conjunction with our Fall Corporate Fitness Challenge in both New York and San Francisco, we’ll be sharing fitness tips, healthy-ish recipes and words of wisdom from participating partners including Pure Barre, Orangetheory Fitness, Row House, Flywheel for balancing festive holiday cheer with maintaining overall wellbeing through the season. 

To get us started, we spoke with Lindsay Stiegler of Orangetheory Fitness San Francisco about spending the holidays with her Orangetheory tribe, cheesecake and how indulging on Thanksgiving can actually be great for your body. 

Lindsay Stiegler, Orangetheory Fitness SF:

OTF HeadShot November

Thanksgiving plans:

I am going to do my favorite thing and the thing I am most thankful for – coaching our three classes at OTF Fidi on Thanksgiving morning. This will be my 4th year coaching on Thanksgiving and I wouldn’t have it any other way! After work I will spend the afternoon and evening with my mom, sister, and brother and their families in the East Bay.

How do you prepare for the disruption to your normal workout + nutrition routine?

I see life as 80/20 – we strive for 80% excellence and the other 20% we enjoy what comes our way. I think holidays 100% fall into the 20% category. Enjoy every moment of the day! You spend the rest of the week/month doing the best you can to stick to your routine and then you can enjoy the day and the indulgences without any guilt. The important thing is to make sure that the holiday only lasts one or two days, not the whole week or month! One day of splurging will not rock your boat, your body will actually kick into overdrive to make up for the excess calorie intake (think of it as a re-feed day, where you just replenish any food stores that may be depleted) you probably won’t even notice the extra calorie intake! If you find yourself at holiday parties all week or month long – always only splurge on your favorite things and treats, not on EVERYTHING at the party. And throughout the month, never skip a workout day where you actually have time to workout – make those your best workout days! That way, on the days that you just can’t fit it in – again, no guilt!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish to make?

I grew up preparing Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and sister so it is my favorite holiday. The night before, we always make desserts and pies with my mom’s homemade pie dough. Her cheesecake is the best cheesecake I have ever had and by far my favorite thing EVER to eat. I am also a huge fan of sweet potatoes, so I have a sweet potato casserole that I love to make.

How do you change up your fitness routine to accommodate for all of the extra treats, glasses of wine and late nights celebrating with friends and family?

I don’t necessarily change anything, I just try to stay as consistent as possible with my routine leading up to the holidays. However, OTF will always be my go-to workout when I need an extra calorie burn. Doing an OTF class is my favorite way to prepare for a party day because I know that the afterburn from our workouts will always keep me burning calories for the next 24-48 hours. In turn, if I did a lot of celebrating, I can always count on a few good OTF workouts to get my body back on track. If I feel like I need an extra boost, I will make sure that I start my workout on the floor so I can really focus on lifting heavier weights in the weight room, which is my favorite part of our workout and where I see my body change the most!

What is your favorite part about the holiday?

I really love spending the morning with our members in classes. Everyone is in such a beautiful spirit of giving thanks. I love being able to remind them to be thankful for their bodies and what they are able to accomplish on a daily basis, as well as getting to show them how thankful we are to have them as part of our OTF Family.

Any tips on how to maintain a healthy routine during this time?

Pre-book those classes!! That way there is no excuse not to come. It’s in your calendar and you can plan everything else around your already scheduled workouts. Remember that that one hour of your day will make the other 23 so much more rewarding!

Meet Lindsay, and burn off those holiday treats with class at Orangetheory FiDi and Mission Bay in San Francisco during the HealthKick Corporate Challenge from Nov 27 – Dec 10. Details HERE.

Follow Lindsay on Instagram at @LindsayJoy16


Meet HealthKick Ambassador Alexa Lippman

Euphebe Challenge Part III: Meet HealthKick Ambassador Alexa Lippman

If this is your first post about the Euphebe Challenge, let’s get you up to speed. If you haven’t had the chance, check out what Allison Field and Hannah Friedland had to say in our last posts.

Today, we get to chat with Alexa Lippman from Paintzen on her experience with the challenge and favorite ways to stay healthy:

Alexa Lippman

What were your eating habits before/during/ and after the Euphebe Challenge? 

I tend to eat pretty healthy, so my eating habits remained the same during and after the challenge. However, the challenge definitely allowed me to incorporate new plant-based, whole foods into my meals. It was definitely nice to switch it up from boring green salads to more exciting lunches like lentil, sweet potato, kale salads, which actually felt more filling and nutritious than the basic salads I was eating before. Plus, I loved having a set menu, and didn’t have to debate over what I should eat for lunch or dinner that day. I already had healthy meals prepared for me and that convenience factor can’t be beat.

What’s the hardest part of eating healthy for you? The easiest? 

The hardest part of eating healthy is trying to find new and different things to eat. Although I love my smoothies, oatmeal and eggs in the morning, sometimes I just crave something different, yet still nutritious. Finding different foods to eat, while remaining on a budget, can be daunting. The easiest part of eating healthy for me is that I do enjoy the healthy stuff. I don’t tend to crave pizza and cookies, I’m very happy with an apple and peanut butter, or a big smoothie bowl in the morning. So for me, eating healthy never feels forced.

When do you fit workouts into your schedule and what’s your favorite type of workout?

For the most part, I workout after work. I always bring my gym bag with me to the office, so I can go straight to a workout class, before heading home. Sometimes, I will squeeze in a workout before work, if I know I can’t make it later that day. A morning workout does start my day off on a great note, so I will do that once in a while. But for the most part, I prefer to sleep in a little and workout in the early evening. My favorite type of workout is anything cardio related, specifically dance cardio, or a HIIT workout. I like to stay moving the whole time and leave feeling super sweaty and accomplished. On days when I really need a stretch, I love going to a hot yoga class.

Are there any other HealthKick brands that have helped you stay on track?’

I love studios like AKT in Motion (hence, the dance cardio), and Yoga Vida (hence, the hot yoga). I love to get a good balance of high intensity cardio, mixed with some yoga flows and stretching.

Which other HealthKick brands are your favorite? 

Inscape is a great way to meditate and get away from the craziness of this city, because hey, we all need our down time, right? It’s nice to have a safe place to escape (or should I say, inscape) too when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. I also enjoy using PRIV to treat myself to a manicure, or a blowout, because who doesn’t love a good discount on those beauty services?

Follow Alexa on her blog Fit for Free or on Instagram at @fitforfreenyc.

This post was written by Andrew K who can be found at his desk at the Desk Job Life.

Healthy Habits This Fall

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 7.36.32 PM

Four Partners on The Most Important Healthy Habits This Fall

When pumpkin spiced latte cravings have us treating ourselves before 9am and fall TV favorites make it easy to second guess evening runs, we know fall’s cozy creature comforts are here to snuggle us into submission. As important as it is to enjoy a seasonal treat and a break from routine, staying committed to healthy habits through the season is key to feeling our best all fall long. For us, that means wellness challenges for a touch of competition and staying inspired by healthy friends. This way, we feel empowered to balance yoga dates, the occasional grande maple latte, and an evening of Outlander and a bowl of gluten-free pasta.

While we love a good healthy habit challenge (see our recent Euphebe challenge), we wanted to know what our healthy partners do to maintain their own healthy habits during the fall season. Here are the favorite healthy habits, ways to motivate and worth-it indulgences from some of our most inspiring partners.

Diana Mitrea, VP of Brand Marketing, NEO Fifth

Healthy Habits

I have a few healthy habits I maintain through fall. I try to workout at least once per day during the workweek, then take yoga on Saturday and rest on Sunday. I also really, really, REALLY try to get as much sleep as possible. If I find myself playing on my phone or watching TV at night, I shut that down as quickly as possible and trade it in for some quality sleep. I’m better off sleeping for an hour than watching TV for an hour. I also pack my lunch. This requires some planning and preparation, so it can be tough to accomplish every day, but I always find that on the days I pack lunch that my whole day feels better, healthier and more accomplished.

How do you do it?

How do I stick to my routine in the fall? It’s a routine! It’s easy to stick to a routine if it’s become routine. These things are embedded in me for every season so no matter what I make sure these things get done. The tough part is when people try and adopt a new habit. They say you have to do something for 100 days before it becomes a habit – so you might as well start now!


My favorite fall indulgences are hot teas. LOVE a good hot drink in the evening before headed to bed.

Nadja Pinnavaia, Founder, Euphebe

Healthy Habits

I avoid sugar and refined grains whenever I can. For breakfast I have a slice of Ezekiel toast topped with 1/4 avocado, a handful of baby spinach leaves and sometimes an egg. For lunch, I will often have a Euphebe meal which can be anything from a hearty soup with seed crackers to a Hippie Brunch Burrito (with whole grain tortilla, of course!). If I am eating out, I’ll pop down to Le Pain Quotidien and have one of their vegetarian soups (I like the lentil soup) or sometimes the avocado sandwich on seed bread. I’ve also cut out weekday drinking unless it’s a special occasion.

How do you do it?

I find fall actually easier than summer as there is less rose calling my name. I am pretty consistent in my eating habits which is why fall isn’t that different to other months and easier than summer! I find scheduling is important. If I schedule a run or a gym class, or a 20 min meditation in my calendar, I am more likely to stick to it. What motivates me is how I feel. If I have a series of dinners out, and I’m not able to eat exactly as I want, I feel gross. So I naturally want to go “back on my wagon.” The tightness of my jeans is also a good reminder of when I need to rein it in a little!


Sharing a full-bodied bottle of Barolo

Erika Zauner, CEO at HealthKick

Healthy Habits

Getting in an a.m. workout, even if it’s just 30 minutes, helps me start the day energized and with a clear head. It also keeps me powered through the day from meetings to after work events. It can be tempting to hit snooze a few extra times instead, but it’s so worth it once you realize how much more productive and alert you feel all day long. I also learned from Donna Sonkin the importance of eating seasonally both for the freshest produce but also to provide your body the nourishment it needs at that time of year. Roasted root veggies are a hearty fave of mine or cutting up apples and butternut squash, sprinkling with cinnamon and baking them in the oven. It tastes indulgent but is also super healthy!

How do you do it?

I listen to my body! It helps me stay on track from everything from food to fitness. How I feel each day determines whether I find myself at Barry’s or something gentler like hot yoga at Modo. I always try to stay in touch with my energy and what I need that day physically and mentally.


Sleep! I have a bad habit of staying up later than I should sending emails or unwinding after a long day, but when it gets dark earlier, it’s extra incentive to get into bed a little earlier, too. One of the health coaches we work with at HealthKick, Beth Lipton, taught me about developing a bedtime routine – three things you do every night to prepare for sleep: making tea, reading and listening to music. It helps me ease into going to bed, so I’m actually ready to sleep once I get into bed without my mind racing about my to-do list tomorrow.

Jillian Tuchman, Head of Nutrition, Care/of

Healthy Habits

I prioritize human connection and make sure to see at least one friend in person or speak to one on the phone each day. The importance of connection, community, and belonging cannot be overstated when it comes to my overall health and feeling good. I am also consistent about taking supplements, and rotate between a whole bunch of herbal tinctures, tonics, and teas. My Care/of daily packs include zinc, a probiotic blend, CoQ10, vitamin D, vitamin C, B complex, and magnesium, and try hard not to skip any. After years of dedicated meditation practice, I learned to accept my emotions for what they are and feel so much better for it.

How do you do it?

I try to walk a lot throughout the day — I’ll go on walks with friends and suggest walking meetings — even if I’m too busy to go to the gym, my fitness routine doesn’t suffer too much. The weather is great in the fall, so I love to get fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D!) at a park or on a hike. I try to remember all the fun events I have planned and that I need to feel my best to enjoy them!


I’m a sucker for warm spiced cider and mulled wine — both are pure sugar and things I usually avoid, but once or twice every fall, I go for it. I also really love the smell of pine and fir trees — it pretty much smells like a forest in my apartment all the time — and fall is when I go into overdrive on that. I buy a ton of pine and fir scented candles and incense.