Challenge 10/ 27/ 2022

Daily Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is a topic that often comes up when Thanksgiving rolls around, but it’s something important to discuss year-round. Not only does it feel good to have a grateful outlook on life, but the benefits of gratitude are scientifically proven to affect everything from your relationships, to your stress level, to the quality of your sleep. Feelings of gratitude don’t always come naturally, but an attitude of gratitude is something we can cultivate in our lives through daily practice and intention. Our goal is to make gratitude a part of who we are rather than something we conjure up during the holidays or whenever something good happens in life.

The Challenge:

Join us for our 2-Weeks of Daily Gratitude Challenge to practice acknowledging the good in your life each day. You will find the daily journal prompts below that you can use to write in your own journal or you can use our journal prompts form (don’t worry we won’t ask you to submit these, so write freely).

Day 1: 

Name five things that make you smile

Day 2: 

What’s something about your body/health that you’re grateful for?

Day 3: 

What’s something you’re grateful to have today that you didn’t have a year ago?

Day 4: 

Write about a friend that you’re grateful for

Day 5: 

Reflect on a negative experience that ultimately led to a positive outcome

Day 6: 

Look at your surroundings and write about everything you see that you’re grateful for

Day 7: 

Write about something you are proud of in your personal or professional life

Day 8: 

Write about 4 things that you are looking forward to

Day 9: 

What is something you really appreciate because it makes your life easier?

Day 10: 

In which areas of your life have you grown the most? How can you show yourself more credit?

Day 11: 

What’s one positive thing your body allows you to do every day?

Day 12: 

What’s causing you stress right now? How can you change it?

Day 13: 

What are three things you’ve done recently that positively impact your mental health?

Day 14: 

Write down your favorite activity/hobby. How does it bring you joy?


To express our gratitude for our members we will be giving away $50 of HealthKick credit to 3 lucky winners for participating in this challenge! 

How to Enter to win:

All you have to do is sign up here and fill out this simple survey.

We hope after these two weeks of being intentional and looking for things each day to reflect on and express gratitude towards you will begin to see the shifts in your mindset and mental wellbeing.

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