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Parenting in Turbulent Times Webinar: Replay, Resources + Key Takeaways

The Parenting in Turbulent Times webinar on June 17th, was a 60-minute roundtable discussion with HealthKick’s expert panelists offering support and guidance for parents during this turbulent time. They provided tips and tools for managing the stresses of working from home while taking care of the kids, keeping kids entertained and having difficult conversations.


Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart: President & Owner of A New Day Pediatric Psychology, PsyD (Doctor of Psychology), Clinical Psychology & ABPP (Board Certified) Child/Adolescent Psychology

Joanna Loewi: “The Present Mama”, is a Mother of 3-year old twin boys & Parenting Coach

Kayleigh Vogel: Mother, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher & Mindfulness Coach


Listen to the full webinar HERE!

Resources From Our Panelists

Kayleigh’s Resources

Joanna’s Resources

Dr. Lockhart’s Resources


Highlights and Key Takeaways:

  • Help balance full-time work and parenting by implementing a schedule for you and your kids to build structure into the day. Make adjustments, as needed, and see what works best for you both.
  • Supporting our children’s emotional needs starts with being gentler and kinder to ourselves. When that “inner critic” starts talking, remind yourself to speak to yourself, as you would a close friend; try these compassion meditations from Kayleigh Vogel 
  • Practice easy breathing and mindfulness techniques with kids during regular play, so that these are familiar practices at times of stress and anxiety; check out some easy go-to’s from Joanna
  • Limit screen time and keep kids engaged during the summer by getting outdoors as much as possible, taking family walks, scavenger hunts, setting-up an arts and crafts table, or taking a virtual yoga class together.
  • It’s important to gradually re-introduce children into social settings. Virtual playdates, socially distanced bike rides, going to the grocery store with masks are all ways to make the transition back to social engagement.
  • When having difficult conversations with your kids, be honest and vulnerable about your own feelings and encourage them to share their feelings as well.
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