06/ 10/ 2020

How We Are Taking Action at HealthKick

Black Lives Matter

At HealthKick, we’re standing in solidarity against racism, injustice and violence, and are committed to taking action to influence change through our mission of empowering all people to thrive through wellbeing, as shared in a statement from our Founder.

Right now, we are listening, educating ourselves, and remembering to give ourselves the space to mess up while we show up, learn and take action.

Each of us has the ability to influence the world through our attitudes and actions, and we are looking at ways we can be better, do better and come together to create real change as people and as a company everyday. 

What We’re Doing at HealthKick:

  • We’re educating ourselves and expanding our knowledge about racism and race relations. We’ve compiled resources here shared by members of the HealthKick team.


  • We’re having open and honest conversations with our friends and colleagues in the Black Community to understand and learn how we can best be allies for them 


  • We’re reinforcing our commitment to inclusion and diversity not only in our company, but also our business by seeking to proactively partner with BIPOC-owned wellness brands who are helping people live healthier lives. Please share any of your favorites with us at [email protected]!


  • We will be launching a Community Wellbeing category on the HealthKick platform in the coming weeks to build awareness for nonprofits furthering the health & wellbeing of underserved and underrepresented communities to further our mission of empowering people to thrive through wellbeing 


  • We are donating to causes like the Loveland Foundation that promotes the mental health of Black women and Dive in Well that supports a more equitable and accessible wellness industry, as well as charity classes sponsored by our fitness partners to support anti-racist causes. 


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