Thrive 04/ 14/ 2020

Gratitude During COVID-19


Stress levels are high, emotions are up and down and we don’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring. Even though times are tough, we can still find those little silver linings if we look for them and acknowledge what we are grateful for during this time.

Our team has put together a list of what we are grateful for and how we are spending our time. We’d love to hear what you’re grateful for and what you’re doing to stay healthy, so head over to our Instagram page and let us know and you’ll be entered to win meals from Sakara Life!

“My health, times like this make you realize how fragile our health can be and how important it is to get enough sleep, rest, and good nutrition. Spending time at home with family & my dog – It’s nice to have quality unscheduled time to catch up over morning coffees, walks & dinner. Technology it would be hard to go for weeks without my favorite workouts, but luckily some of my favorites like Fhitting Room On Demand and Barry’s have gone online and it’s given me a chance to expand my horizons and do more yoga with Corepower and Y7. It’s also been gratifying to be able to contribute to a positive impact in people’s lives by providing wellbeing resources through HK@Home, and I’m excited that my grocery order from our partner Thrive Market finally arrived!” – Erika Zauner, Founder

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to cook more often, take walk breaks outdoors, and do online improv classes! When I am feeling like I don’t have time to cook I have loved ordering meals with Eat Clean Bro and Purple Carrot, while also practicing meditation with the Calm app. I’m also grateful for the ability to support companies and their employees during this time through extending them preferred pricing and access to our hundreds of wonderful wellness partners”” – Julie Campus, Corporate Partnerships

“I’m grateful for my health and the ability to spend more time with my husband making more home-cooked meals. I’m also grateful to have access to resources like Fhitting Room on Demand, Thrive market and Calm which have helped us maintain a healthy lifestyle during this time.”  – Tricia Persaud, Corporate Partnerships

“I’m grateful to be in California with my family, the ability to work from home, the time to read more books and take online courses, grateful for access to brands like Yoga International and Caravan Wellness. I’m also grateful to work with a team that is able to adapt quickly and work together during times of stress and thankful to our amazing partners that are offering some amazing resources.” – Jaclyn Houston, Marketing Manager

“I am grateful to be able to spend time with my family in California, grateful to have access to such amazing online resources like Peloton, JETSWEAT, and Calm. I am especially grateful to be able to spend some time outside, listen to more podcasts, and move my body more. Finally, I am grateful to have a team that is able to move with the everyday changes we are all facing” – Natalie Contreras, Brand Partnerships Manager

“I am grateful to the hundreds of studios who have worked tirelessly to bring live streaming classes to all of our homes in an effort to allow us to continue to focus on our wellness journeys during this uncertain time. Services like JETSWEAT and studios like [solidcore] allow me to keep parts of my daily fitness routine intact while apps like Calm allow me to keep any stress I feel in check so as not to feel overwhelmed by everything going on!” – Laura Kassab, Client Success Manager

“I am grateful to be a part of shifting the paradigm of wellness everyday and making a difference however small in employees’ wellbeing especially during this time. I’m grateful for technology and our ability to stay connected to loved ones and friends. I’m also grateful for amazing streaming services like Journey Meditation, The Class, Sky Ting Yoga and more so I can practice lots of self-care during such a turbulent time.” – Andrea Serbonich, Director of Programming and Engagement

“I’m grateful for spending more time with my son and our dog and to play in our backyard almost every day. Each day brings ups and downs, but I’m able to stay active and continue to feed my family healthy meals thanks to the Peloton app, Daily Harvest, and Butcher Box.”
– Jocelyn Kolkin, CMO


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