HealthKick Ambassador, Francesca Gentile dishes on Sakara Life!

HealthKick Ambassador Francesca Gentile gave plant-based meal delivery service Sakara Life a try and dishes on her experience.


How do you motivate yourself to stick with making healthy choices, or get back on track when you splurge? 

I motivate myself to make healthy choices based on how I feel and look when I eat healthy. I have more energy and glowing skin when I cut out sugar and white carbs. I also try my hardest to not bring it into the house so I am not tempted!

How did you feel after your full day of meals from Sakara? How did it compare to other meal delivery services you’ve tried?

I loved the Sakara experience, it felt like a lifestyle. I read the program book and loved beginning my day with the water drops and actively drank the tea instead of snacking. Everything tasted delicious, healthy and very fresh. I do have to admit I was quite hungry between meals and fairly quickly after just because I have a super fast metabolism and work out like crazy! Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help either! I’ve never tried a meal delivery service before, so this was a great first experience.
What was your favorite meal that you received from Sakara? Would you order again?
I loved it all, but mostly the dinner salad. Love the beauty drops and the chocolate probiotics and tea too!


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