Sweat 12/ 19/ 2017

The 305 Instructor who Loves Spiked Egg Nog and Stretching to Michael Buble

As part of our December Corporate Challenge series, we’re talking to some of our favorite partner instructors about how they maintain their healthy habits through the holidays. This week, we caught up with Natalia Roberts of 305 on how she handles her routine during ‘vacation mode’, her family’s impromptu talent shows and how she manages to fit in a workout while everyone else is still asleep.

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Will you be in the studio and around this December?

I am going to visit not only my own family this year, but my boyfriend’s family for the holidays! I’ll be gone for two weeks (and I am having separation anxiety).

How do you switch it up in class when it becomes holiday time?

No one ever says “no” to a good sultry holiday song during the stretch! But more importantly I think we’re in a specific mental state during the holidays and its important to acknowledge that. For some, it’s a time of great anxiety, for others a time of gratitude and overwhelming love. I think we all take this time to reflect on our last year, congratulate ourselves on what we’ve accomplished, try to forgive ourselves where we fell short, and resolve ourselves for the year ahead.

Anything going into this month’s playlists that we have to download?

Anything that Michael Bublé has ever produced.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Going home and seeing my tribe of childhood friends. Everyone has scattered since graduating from college so it’s really important for me to get to hug everyone.

What is the most challenging part?

The holidays cost a lot of money! Jeez between the plane tickets and presents it can be staggering. Also, as much as I love my family I also love having my routine. My body starts to feel really awful if I take too many days off from moving or eat too much crappy and devilishly delicious foods. My family goes into HARD “vacation mode” staggering out of bed around noon, eating brunch with several friends and family, recovering from brunch, cooking for a dinner party, having a dinner party, recovering from the dinner party, falling head first into bed. Repeat. There’s a lot to celebrate over the holidays including my parents’ anniversary (I believe we’ll be celebrating their 38th year together), Christmas, and my sister’s birthday.

Any tips for our readers and 305 clients who might find it tough to make it to class in the middle of the holiday hustle?

It’s a great time to discover something new! I am usually outside of New York for the holidays so I check out classes and new teachers that are in the area, I go on runs with my boyfriend. If I know it’s going to be a crazy day of eating and socializing I wake up a little early and made sure I exercise before everyone else wakes up and the day begins.

Because we are all about balance, what are your favorite holiday indulgences?

Spiked Eggnog + anything my friend Daniel decides to cook.

And biggest question, do you lead a Roberts family 305 class over the holidays??

Spontaneous 305 classes have become a staple of the holidays alongside impromptu talent shows, Shakespeare monologues, salsa lessons and push-up contests.


You can follow Natalia on Instagram @nataliamroberts


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