Thrive 07/ 20/ 2017

Healthy, Happy Summer Fridays


We look forward to Summer Fridays all year long. Rooftop happy hours? YES. Afternoon picnics in the park? We’re pros at packing that basket. Wanderlust Squaw for the ultimate wellness retreat? We anticipate the lineup drop like it’s Coachella. There’s just something that feels so good about cutting out from work early on days when the sun is up until 9 to do whatever makes you feel your best. From happy hours to weekend retreats to spontaneous picnics, we’ve got some healthy tips for a Summer Friday that’s just your speed.

Happy Hour

Few things give us as much of a thrill as 3:59pm rooftop tipples on a Friday. No inbox, no problem. As satisfying as reaching for a (lightly sweetened) margarita instead of a conference call is, it’s easy to get wrapped up in bopping from bar to bar and forgetting to make time for a healthful meal. Ending up face first in a deep dish delivery at the end of the night probably won’t make for the best Saturday morning.

To safeguard against any alcohol-driven dining decisions, we like to prepare a healthy dinner in advance. If you enjoy meal prep, order up a new dinner kit from Good Eggs in the SF Bay Area or a one from HelloFresh for prepping on Thursday night. Or try an already prepared meal from Munchery. As long as you’re getting enough nutrients via a healthy meal post-happy hour, we say live a little and order a pitcher.

Long Weekend Retreat

The first thing we pack is water-water-water. Whether you’re trekking in the mountains or soaking up rays on the beach (possibly with an adult beverage in hand), it’s easy to forget to hydrate. Keep that S’Well bottle full! Healthy and portable meals and snacks are another handy way to keep that Summer Friday spirit even when stuck in traffic. Juice from Project Juice and a few bars from Rx Bars are easy go-tos.

And last but not least – remember your gear. Layers on top are key for extra sun protection when setting off on an outdoor adventure or when you’re out splashing in the waves. For some stylish technical gear, check out RARR stylish activewear for guys and for the ladies, SHAPE activewear and LOLE.

Hanging with your Family

Spending a long family weekend watching parent-friendly television and diving into comfort food provides a valuable form of mental nourishment. But before you become one with the couch, try to get moving a bit to add a new healthful element to the mix. Take your ‘rents out on a sunset walk, or if you need some alone time plug into a meditation session from Headspace for a meditative solo stroll. Either way, family time is a great excuse to indulge in some restorative self care. Try a long bath using natural salts and oils from Thrive Market, or a DIY mani using Sunday Studio’s 10-free polish.

Picnic in the Park

Whether your park of choice is Dolores, Battery, Central or McCarren, few things beat a lazy Friday sunbathing session with friends. Stash your picnic basket (Juja’s roomy post-yoga bags are perfect alternatives) with SPF, perhaps from Beautycounter, a hat and nutrition-dense snacks like hummus with veggies, raw nuts and seasonal fruits like peaches and blueberries. Oh, did we forget the booze? Try whipping up some low sugar batch cocktails at home using herbs from Good Eggs and natural sweeteners and juices from Thrive Market. Package it into a SANS bottle or even used wine bottle and pour over ice once you’re settled.

Fit Friday

Summer Fridays don’t have to be allll about the booze or making a city escape. We tend to like our long weekend staycations with touch of balance: an extra workout AND an extra glass of rose. In New York, one of our favorite ways to do this is to head to Flex Studios for Rose Giveaway Thursdays. Post-class rose is served alongside special weekly giveaways that feature goodies like gear from Sweaty Betty or Outdoor Voices. Or if you want to get your early dismissal on Friday afternoon off on the right foot, why not hit up a 4:15pm Mile High Run Club class en route to those rooftop cocktails? Once we’ve worked up a good sweat, the rest of our long weekend feels that much sweeter.


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